Keep loosing driver for SCSI/RAID Host Controller

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by sorsal, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. sorsal

    sorsal Guest

    This is the second time I have lost my scsi/raid host controller driver. The
    last time I finaly could recover it from my backup drivers but now it will
    not let me do it. I have tryed several files of backup drivers that I have on
    my xp but it keeps telling me the same thing "There was a problem installing
    this hardware: SCSI/RAID Host Controller. An error occured during the
    installation of the device. The specified service does not exist as an
    installed service." I have no idea what that means but I sure would
    appreciate it if someone could help me. I have tryed to uninstall and
    reinstall it but it still does not show up in my device manager. Please help.
    sorsal, Oct 22, 2009
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  2. How does your question pertain to Windows Update?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 22, 2009
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  3. PS: Ur spiel chukkers broke
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 23, 2009
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