Keeps switching from 'Library' to 'Now Playing'

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Tom W, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Tom W

    Tom W Guest

    When I'm playing audio files but have another window open, media player keeps
    switching from 'Library' to 'Now Playing' without me asking it to. This means
    it starts rendering the swishy graphics, which seriously slow down my
    computer and often lead to media player freezing. Can I stop it from changing
    to Now Playing and make it stay on Library?
    Tom W, Aug 30, 2009
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  2. Tom W

    Tim De Baets Guest

    I don't know why WMP would automatically switch to Now Playing, but you
    can easily switch off those 'swishy graphics', or visualizations as they
    are called in WMP: right-click the visualization and select No
    Visualization or Album Art.

    Tim De Baets, Aug 30, 2009
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  3. Tom W

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    As a minor point, the only reasons it would switch to Now Playing would be:
    * trying to show the video for a clip
    * a plug-in or visualization demanding that it do so

    The first case should be obvious, since you know if you're playing video
    files or not.
    In the second case, turn off the "new" plug-in or viz. =)
    zachd [MSFT], Aug 31, 2009
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