Keystroke combination to simulate closing/opening notebook lid

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by David Wess, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. David Wess

    David Wess Guest

    Hewlett Packard 9500T notebook computer running Windows Vista Ultimate
    64-bit, 2GB ram, etc.

    I have been struggling with an issue wherein the computer screen will go
    black several times per day while I am doing normal activities like web
    surfing, writing email, or anything else, and I must close and then open the
    lid to restore the screen. I have posted here and in other venues and have
    not received any suggestions or solutions. While I am addressing this issue,
    it would be helpful if I had a means of simulating closing and then
    immediately opening the lid, without having to physically take that action.
    So, is there any other way, such as a keystroke combination, that I could
    utilize to simulate closing and then opening the lid? This would be vastly
    preferable compared to what I have to do right now, which is very
    disruptive. Thank you.
    David Wess, Dec 3, 2007
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  2. David Wess

    Jane C Guest

    Hello David,

    Check your Power Plan options via Control Panel. It sounds as if your
    laptop is set to turn the display off after the default 20 minutes.
    Jane C, Dec 3, 2007
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  3. David Wess

    DW Guest


    It might be set to turn the display off after the default 20 minutes, but
    shouldn't that take place only if the computer is not being used? In my
    case, the display turns off while I am working with the computer. What Power
    Plan options do you suggest to alleviate this problem? And, is there a
    keystroke combo to turn the display back on? Generally, mouse movement or
    tapping any key should do it, but in my case you have to close and then open
    the case, which is a real pain.


    DW, Dec 3, 2007
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