KMDF 1.5 Vista RTM 6000 XPx64 IRQ Level Boost @ 100 CPU utilizatio

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by RayU, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. RayU

    RayU Guest

    With XP the dispatch of DeviceIoControl from default device queue WDFQUEUE
    functions correctly. With XPx64 when a user mode thread is at realtime
    thread priority, and is issuing IOCTL's to the KMDF framework there is a
    delay associated with the user mode thread recieving the frames from a video
    capture pci device operating at a meager ~16 m.s. rate. I do not understand
    why the design functions correctly under XP and not XPx64. Basically the
    default deviceiocontrol callback inserts the request in a manual queue via
    WdfRequestForwardToIoQueue and then makes and attemp to start a dma operation
    by dequeue from manual, spinlock some hardware registers, and then execute
    the dma transaction via KMDF dma methodologies. The Request is completed
    later when the dma is completed. However if I define a WDM preprocess
    callback an raise the IRQ level the design works the same as it does under
    XP. WHY??

    This is the magic which makes the XPx64 build of the exact same source which
    works fine under XP.

    IN WDFDEVICE Device,
    IN PIRP Irp


    KIRQL OldIrql = KeRaiseIrqlToDpcLevel();

    status = WdfDeviceWdmDispatchPreprocessedIrp(Device, Irp);

    KeLowerIrql( OldIrql );
    return status;

    The problem occurs when the CPU load is at 100%. The thread issueing the
    IOCTL's is elivated to realtime.
    RayU, Apr 17, 2008
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  2. did you set a sync scope or execution level?
    Doron Holan [MSFT], Apr 17, 2008
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  3. RayU

    RayU Guest

    Yes, I have tried every possible combination of the execution level and
    synchronization scope. Why would there be any difference from XP? I worked
    around this problem in the last project by altering the design for our DMA
    based device. Now I am working on a new driver for XPx64 and wanted to see
    if anyone had any ideas because this device will "require" IOCTL and
    Read/Write based usage. Thus until I can resolve this issue I guess the WDM
    will be required. I really wanted to develop this new driver with the KMDF
    framework. I wanted to build the previous driver with the WDK 6001 RTM
    Server 2008 product and see if this issue simply disapeared? but they need
    this new drive in a month, and I do not believe I can wait until the Server
    2008 WDK appears once again. First they said mid March, then Mid April and
    still it is not avaiable.
    RayU, Apr 18, 2008
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