laptop very slow. frequent hangs. help

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by laptoplaptop, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. laptoplaptop

    laptoplaptop Guest

    okay, hi. please take some patience in reading my problem because this might
    be long. i really need your help. thanks

    First of all, let me introduce to you my 2-month old HP Pavilion dv2700

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Core2duo T7500 2.2GHz Processors
    2G RAM
    160G Hard disk

    I think my laptop has good enough specs but lately it seems unstable and
    very very slow.

    It started when frequent CHKDSK appears during start-up even I turned-off my
    laptop correctly. I kept on permitting it since I think it is really
    necessary to perform it though i thought something might be wrong. Anyway,
    last week while I was surfing the internet, my laptop just COMPLETELY hanged.
    I tried waiting for it to respond but it didnt. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del but
    still didnt work. My laptop is essentially dead. And so i just pressed the
    power key to turn it off. When it turned on, it performed the CHKDSK and
    proceed to the loading window of Windos Vista. (I actually do not know if it
    is really called as loading window but it appears normally right after
    turning the pc on. It is the one where a green bar is scrolling horizontally
    above the words Microsoft something something...). Normally, it takes 13
    seconds to finish loading but this time, it just didnt stop loading. So i
    reboot the laptop and when it opened, STARTUP REPAIR window appeared. This
    time I thought something is really wrong.

    The startup repair feature was able to correct the problem. I was able to
    use my laptop again. But I was still bothered and worried by the fact that
    something like that appeared and it is still VERY slow compared to its
    performance before. Its like I am using a pentium 1 laptop. Anyway, my
    laptop's preinstalled Norton Internet security is about to expire last week
    and so I decided to uninstall it already. I also heard that this software
    tends to slow down computers. I replace norton with Kaspersky Internet
    Security and it was able to detect flaws in my laptop. But this time, it
    really got slower. I downloaded CCleaner and System Mechanic Professional 7
    trial version. They were able to further clean-up my pc but still it's slow.

    Right now, I got a message saying that my Hard disk is CORRUPTED (oh no,
    huhu).I cannot back it up and even do some partiotioning. I actually realized
    that I should have backed up my files before and partition its drive. Tsk.
    Anyway, I restarted it again to perform CHKDSK. This time, it is now 5 steps
    which I think is usually 3 only. And it was like more than 1 hour!!!! :( And
    when I got into windows, It hanged again completely. The process just repeats
    and I am worried my laptop will crash.

    Please help me. I actually do not know what to do now. If should i perform
    system restore or just find a good antivirus. Should I just defrag? Should i
    completely restore it in its factory setting? That's actually my last option.
    Are there alternatives? Coz everyday a new problem seems to appear and my
    laptop gets slower than ever. HELP!!!

    laptoplaptop, Apr 7, 2008
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  2. laptoplaptop

    Juan Perez Guest


    I have also a DV2700. Did you have the chance to see the event log in your
    laptop? Personally I will make a backup and make a reimage of the laptop,
    and test it for a few days. If you still have the problem and the system
    still on warranty, I will ask to HP, to replace the HDD.
    Juan Perez, Apr 7, 2008
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  3. laptoplaptop

    laptoplaptop Guest

    hi sir,

    are you referring to the event viewer? yes i already saw it just now. how
    can i make a back-up and what needs to be backed-up? i also do not know how
    to make a reimage of the laptop.

    yes i think my notebook is still under warranty. i already emailed HP
    regarding this. though it seems i am also having problem receiving their
    confirmation email.

    i have another problem, since the first time I tried using system restore
    before up to now, it had never been successful. after rebooting, a window
    will appear that the system restore was not successful for unknown reasons.
    why is that? am i gonna be able to do it correctly?

    laptoplaptop, Apr 7, 2008

  4. Burn your important files, pictures, music or whatever to a CD or DVD, then
    call HP and ask them about the procedure which will return your laptop to

    If after this, you still get chkdsk requests, return the entire laptop to
    wherever you bought it and ask for one that works..

    Mike Hall - MVP
    How to construct a good post..
    How to use the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups..
    Mike's Window - My Blog..
    Mike Hall - MVP, Apr 8, 2008
  5. laptoplaptop

    nishanth Guest

    Hai, buddy..
    I'm really sorry for the inconveience that you're facing the Computer.
    Usually the Vista Operating System is slow as compared to its previous
    You have tried almost all the possible steps to resolve the issue...:(

    However, I suggest that you setup the Windows Readyboost feature on a
    removable disk or flash memory drive and check if it helps.

    Also, the presence of two or more anti-virus programs may decrease
    computer performance.

    Upgrading the system memory is likely to improve performance.

    I hope this helps a bit
    Bye,,, nishanth
    nishanth, Apr 8, 2008
  6. laptoplaptop

    Juan Perez Guest


    As Mike says, you should burn in a CD or DVD , your personal files, or copy
    to an external HDD. Then there is an option, when you are booting your
    machine, to press one Fx key, I do not the have my laptop with me in this
    moment, and you have the option to restore your Operating system to the
    default configuration. From that moment you can test your machine for some
    time. If it fails again, return to HP. I advise you to get in contact with
    HP, to help you with the process or reinstaling the operating system.
    Juan Perez, Apr 8, 2008

  7. Juan

    HPs I have come across have the F key access to destructive recovery and
    testing locked out in BIOS which is why I suggested that the OP contacts HP
    about it..

    Mike Hall - MVP
    How to construct a good post..
    How to use the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups..
    Mike's Window - My Blog..
    Mike Hall - MVP, Apr 8, 2008
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