Latest build... my initial comments

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by gardenerstouch, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. 1. In News Groups, I can't uncheck the "all news" check box.

    2. I don't want WLM asking me if I want to sign in to Windows Live. YES,
    YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always want to sign in every time I use WLM. So
    stop asking! What's even worse, it always displays the box twice each time.
    I click Yes, it disappears momentarily, and then repeats the same sequence.
    When I click on the WLM icon, I do not want to be interrupted by that idiot
    box, not even once. In an effort to get rid of that box, I clicked the
    appropriate button in options, but it still insists on displaying an even
    larger and even more annoying box extolling the values and benefits of
    signing into Windows Live. Please allow the user the option to get rid of
    these annoyances if they so wish!

    3. The WindowsLive/Messenger button in the upper right corner of the main
    window... how do I get rid of that? When signed in to Windows Live, there is
    a Messenger button located at the bottom of the folders panel (great idea by
    the way), so it's redundant anyway.

    4. When I'm signed into Windows Live, WLM displays an utterly useless image
    (way too small to distinguish anything) from Live Messenger in the upper
    right corner. Can you allow us the option to get rid of that, too?

    5. In the list view of Contacts... it won't allow me to add a new column
    right of the rightmost column. With a bit of finagling I can get the column
    I want located there, but that means adding an extra column and then having
    to delete it. Shouldn't have to do that.

    6.If you bolded the font in the folders panel, it would sure help those of
    us with failing eyesight. The bolded font in the message listing panels
    sure are a big help.

    7. The listing view in Contacts suffers from the same visibility problems,
    a larger font or bolding the existing font would do wonders.

    8.How do I set the sound I want to hear when I have new mail? All I can
    find is a checkbox that turns the sound feature on.

    9. On my first attempt to send out a newsgroup message, WLM crashed. Let's
    see if my second attempt succeeds...
    gardenerstouch, Sep 7, 2007
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  2. Same place where you select all the other Windows event sounds:
    in the Control Panel's Sounds applet.
    Gary VanderMolen, Sep 7, 2007
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  3. Ya... I finally did figure that one out on my own. The problem was that
    when I looked in Windows Sounds, I was expecting to see the sound I wanted
    listed under category "WindowsLive....". Thanks for the response however.
    gardenerstouch, Sep 10, 2007
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