Latest Update (11 dec or 12 dec) Running double services

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Taz_Man, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Taz_Man

    Taz_Man Guest

    Ever since i decided to install the updates i noticed i can't play some games
    and programs are running slower.

    I went into the task manager and noticed that almost every service there is
    running in double !!!

    My webserver, My webcam, svchost.exe, crss.exe... it's all running double
    and eating away at the memory and speed of my pc.

    Anyone got any idea of what i should do ?
    I'm running windows vista home premium.
    Never had any problems with previous updates.

    Reinstalling the machine is out of the question... too much information on it.
    Besides... the update caused this... so i expect a solution without
    reinstalling my machine.

    Haven't tried uninstalling the update yet... gonna try that tonight.

    Any ideas are welcome !

    Thanks in advance,

    Taz_Man, Dec 13, 2007
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  2. Taz_Man

    Shelipop Guest

    I tried to insall the update ie7 and I got Error Code: 0x80070BE. The same
    things are happening to me and now I can't get on the internet at all my task
    manager keeps telling me it's not responding. This error says to try and
    reinstall...if that does not work i'm getting in with Microsoft online
    assisted support. If you have any other advise please write.
    Shelipop, Dec 14, 2007
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  3. Taz_Man

    Taz_Man Guest

    Tried uninstalling the updates... didn't work.
    I also noticed some serivces were running that never ran before.
    I turned them off and my system became a bit more stable.
    Reinstalled the double programs that were running... most of them are sorted
    out now.
    Reinstalled the updates to check... and the system remains the same now.
    However... still some services that refuse to stop and stay running double.

    I did notice that when i create a new user account... none of the problems
    Off course... no way i'm gonna make a new user acount for something that
    should never have happened anyway.

    MS broke it... MS should fix it !
    Taz_Man, Dec 17, 2007
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