Latest Windows XP Updates Break File Sharing?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Shoshana, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Shoshana

    Shoshana Guest

    Hi, everyone! I just updated several XP SP3 systems within a Workgroup with
    the latest updates from the Windows Update site--specifically, KB951618,
    KB952287, KB951072, KB953838, KB952954, KB951066, KB946648, KB950974,
    KB951618, KB952287, KB951072, KB950974, KB953838, KB952954, KB946648,
    KB951066, KB890830, and KB953839.

    Since that time, I'm no longer able to share an external disk on one of the
    computers with the other systems. The disk is shared using NetBIOS over
    TCP/IP, and Windows Firewall on all the systems is configured to allow in the
    NetBIOS ports from systems on the same subnet (Incoming NetBIOS is blocked at
    the network firewall.). The disk shows up as shared on the system to which
    it's attached, but when I try to access it from any of the other systems, I
    get a "Not enough server storage is available to process this command" error

    I removed the updates I had installed on both the computer to which the
    drive is attached and another computer in the same Workgroup, but the problem
    persisted. Has anyone encountered a similar problem since installing the
    latest updates? If so, how did you resolve it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Shoshana, Aug 14, 2008
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  2. Shoshana

    Brian Guest

    I am having a very similar problem.

    I just installed today's 9 updates on my XP laptop (Windows version
    5.1.2600) and now I cannot access the file sharing on my other Windows XP
    systems, nor from them access my laptop. The updates were:
    KB952954, KB946648, KB953839, KB950974, KB89083, KB951072, KB952287,
    KB951066, KB953838

    I have since tried uninstalling them and file sharing is still broken.

    More detail on my setup:
    - Laptop shares a number of directories, not using the "simplified" sharing
    and I require login access.
    - Desktop automatically connects to laptop to map shared folders.
    - This has worked for 2+ years.
    - Worked this morning. Powered down laptop to take it to work. Leaving work
    powered down laptop and it installed the 9 updates. Got home, will not
    - Desktop cannot connect to mapped drives, but can see laptop on network,
    but cannot browse it.
    - Laptop can see desktop is on network, but cannot browse to it.
    - NET USE r: \\name\... returns "The network path was not found." on both
    - Laptop also does not automatically reconnect to networked WD My Book
    (network hard drive), whereas yesterday it did. Clicking on the drive's link
    does force it to load, but initially fails at startup.
    - Both machines run Kaspersky Inetrnet Security 7.0. Have tried disabling it
    both machines but still does not help.
    - Have tried rebooting both machines and my router.
    - Removed all of the above updates from laptop, problem persisits.
    - Now, desktop wants to install updates, but I don't want the problem on
    both machines, so I will wait to learn what this is.
    - Other 2 computers on network can both access each other: laptop with
    updates is only one that cannot communicate with anyone else!

    I too would love to hear if others are having the same problem, and what I
    can do to fix it!
    Brian, Aug 14, 2008
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  3. Shoshana

    Brian Guest

    Small note: Called 1-866-PCSAFETY, as was suggested by someone in another
    post. They said basically that it was not directly a security or virus
    problem, and therefore they could not help me. I insisted it was a problem
    caused by a security update, yet the guy I got said I had to call XP Tools
    support at 1-866-234-6020, which I will try tomorrow when they are actually

    However, I would love some further help here if there are any thoughts as I
    am not holding my breath it will be fixed on the phone. :)
    Brian, Aug 14, 2008
  4. Brian,

    Whoever told you that was misinformed. Each Security MSKB and Security
    bulletin contains this, for example:

    " How to obtain help and support for this security update
    For home users, no-charge support is available by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY
    in the United States and Canada or by contacting your local Microsoft
    subsidiary. For more information about how to contact your local
    Microsoft subsidiary for support issues with security updates, visit the
    Microsoft International Support Web site:
    North American customers can also obtain instant access to unlimited
    no-charge e-mail support or to unlimited individual chat support by
    visiting the following Microsoft Web site: "

    Suggest you call back and quote that directly.
    If they are *still* misinformed, then post back here and I'll get ahold
    of someone at CSS to rectify that 'misinformation'. <w>

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Aug 14, 2008
  5. Shoshana

    Ira Guest

    Ira, Aug 15, 2008
  6. Shoshana

    Ira Guest

    My laptop automatically installed KB952954, KB953838, and KB953839. After the
    forced reboot, I could not access another computer's shared disk area or

    Microsoft's help phone line had me remove KB953838, and reboot but that
    didn't help.

    Lowering Zone Alarm's Internet Security Level to Med. (from High) worked
    around the problem.

    Ira, Aug 15, 2008
  7. And if you update to the latest release of ZoneAlarm - does that fix the
    issue with ZoneAlarm?
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 15, 2008
  8. Shoshana

    Ira Guest

    I am running ZoneAlarm 7.0.483.000; TrueVector security engine version
    7.0.483.00, and Driver version 7.0.483.00.

    According to the tool, this is the latest sofware version.

    Also, to be safe, I also uninstalled the other two Microsoft Security Updates.

    Ira, Aug 15, 2008
  9. I'd still suggest uninstalling/reboot/install anew the Zone Alarm firewall.

    After all - if changing the settings in that product 'fixes' your issue -
    that's a pretty major clue as to the problem source.
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 16, 2008
  10. Shoshana

    Mike Guest

    I just installed KB953838 today on my Dell computer running Vista, along with
    many of the others you note below. When the computer rebooted, I was no
    longer able to access the internet. After reviewing which of the updates
    involved Internet Explorer, I backed out this update, and rebooted.
    Afterwards, Internet Explorer was able to work again.

    I had previously turned off Automatic Update, because one of the updates was
    breaking Internet Explorer. Apparently this is the one. If I could figure
    out how to exclude this update from running automatically, I would like to
    resume the automatic update capability.

    Thanks for your post. It would be great if others could validate this
    problem and if Microsoft could respond.

    Mike, Sep 21, 2008
  11. What does your problem have to do with the original posting on 8/13/2008?

    You are running a completely different operating system. They are running
    Windows XP SP3 - you are running Windows Vista (of some unknown flavor and
    service pack level.) The original post had someone unable to access a
    network shared hardware device - nothing was mentioned about the Internet.

    Please - start your own unique post with your own unique problem and a
    listing of the specifics for your own unique system *in detail* elsewhere.
    Shenan Stanley, Sep 22, 2008
  12. PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 15, 2009
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