Windows Vista has it's own set of keyboard shortcuts, but did you know you can launch also assign shortcuts to launch any application? For example, you might want to launch the Calculator every time you press CTRL + F12.

To assign a keyboard combination, find a shortcut to the application you wish to launch, right click it and select Properties:


Then click in the "Shortcut Key" box and press the desired key combination you wish to start the application. Once you have done this, click OK. You can choose a key combination from the following options:
  • F1-F12 or Numpad Key
  • SHIFT + (F1-F12 or Numpad Key)
  • CTRL + (F1-F12 or Numpad Key)
  • (CTRL + ALT or CTRL + SHIFT or ALT + SHIFT) + Almost any key

Now, pressing that key combination should load your selected application. This can be a real time saver for your most used applications.
Ian, May 11, 2008