LCD TV and LCD Monitor configuration

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Edward, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Edward

    Edward Guest

    I have a new Toshiba LCD tv. I hooked up the DVI with an adapter and plugged
    into the TV's VGA PC slot. I ran RCA cables for sound. I have my LCD
    monitor set up to the other DVI slot on the graphics card.

    My Graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 6800 Series GPU Driver:

    After playing around with the Nvidia control panel and running the TV set up
    and the display recommendations, I never quite found what is the best
    solution. Settings for the TV to look good caused the Computer fonts to be
    completely enlarged and distorted. OR I had a screen on the TV and not on
    the monitor, vice versa. Last night I watched a movie and forgot about the
    monitor but when the movie was over, I couldn't switch back to the monitor.
    Or at least, I didn't know how to best switch from one to the other.

    What I want to accomplish. Have the TV run shows I record with my MCE TV
    Tuner set up rather than burn to a disc. Also to have a nice and simple
    system switching back and forth.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Edward, Jan 29, 2007
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