Limited on 2nd partition size when I repartition a 300 gig boot dr

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Karl, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Karl

    Karl Guest

    I have Vista Home Premium with Athlonn 64 4200+ processor and 300 gig hard
    drive. I wanted to split the hard drive into 3 partitions of 100 gigs each.
    But using the partition manager program in Vista limited me to just a second
    partition of 80 gigs. Why? I defragged; deleted all system restore points
    and cancelled any more being made, etc. It did not make any difference. CAn
    I get around this problem somehow?
    Karl, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. Karl

    Nepatsfan Guest

    A hard drive labeled as having a capacity of 300 GB really
    means it has storage capacity of 300 billion bytes. Windows
    translates that to slightly less than 280 GBs.

    Take a look at these articles for more info;

    Why is my drive displaying a smaller than expected capacity
    than the indicated size on the drive label?**&p_li=&p_topview=1

    The Hard Drive Size Discrepancy: When a Byte Isn't a Byte

    Good luck

    Nepatsfan, Jul 18, 2007
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