limited or no connectivity in VISTA

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by lhntx, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. lhntx

    lhntx Guest

    I am reposting this from my post in Network and internet forums because
    of no response. I'm getting desperate and am having a tech person come
    in tomorroww morning at $105per hr. to try and fix this problem.....

    I have an HP 6152n desktop w/ Vista home that the motherboard and power
    supply were fried in a power outage. The local Fry's said that an ASUS
    p5q-em motherboard was a compatable replacement. I replaced the power
    supply and the motherboard. Everything seems to be working fine except
    for the Realtek LAN that comes with the board. I get "local access only"
    and "unidentified network". I am direct wired to a Vonage router then to
    a Comcast cable modem. If I try to setup a broadband connection, it asks
    for a userid/passwords. Comcast does not use or require userid/password
    and they told me to call Microsoft (yeah, sure!). I've tried numerous
    ipconfig commands, turned off/reset router and modems, changing duplex
    settings, winsock resets, removed and reinstalled drivers, downloaded
    current NIC driver (on this XP Pro laptop and another wireless XP pro
    laptop which has wireless access to the same router/modem w/ NO
    problem), followed numerous rabbit trails on the net, but nothing seems
    to work. Ran repair numerous times and tired every option with Vistas'
    diagnose/repair/reset screen. Vista says that the network settings are
    correct. I tried switching different cat5 connections between different
    direct wired items (xbox-which connects just fine), nothing. The
    'activity' led on the NIC does NOT light up, the Speed LED does. If I
    disconnect the cat5 wire to the router, the Speed LED goes out. Does
    anyone have any ideas? Follow up... I installed the Express Gateway
    software (allows internet access for Skype without the OS being booted
    up) that came with the mobo, rebooted and enable EG in Bios.. I CAN
    access the internet through Express Gateway!!!, but if I start VISTA OS,
    I still get limited or no access. So this seems to be a VISTA problem -
    but I have searched and searched the web and cannot find a fix. ANY
    SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! I'm reaching the end of my
    limited tech abilities! :cry: I have also since tried the following:
    Disabled ipv6 as well a qos packed sched, and link layer topology
    (suggested by other sites that I've found with similar problems). Still
    no access.:sa:
    lhntx, Feb 8, 2009
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  2. lhntx

    trouble Guest

    You probably already spent your $105/hour if you are reading this.
    If you watched and asked questions you may have learned something for the
    next time around. I suspect it might not have been all that complicated.
    In general, for the "simple" peer to peer networks most people use it is not
    a good idea to make changes in the default network protocols installed by
    the OS.
    If you suspect software configuration problems on your machine uninstall the
    network device in control panel/system, reboot and a new default software
    configuration should be installed. Make sure you have the latest drivers for
    your networking device and follow the wizard for setting up a home network
    including turning on file sharing.
    Under these circumstances you should be able to see the other computers on
    your network when plugged into the router if there is not a problem with the
    network card/motherboard component on your computer or something as simple
    as the network cable.
    trouble, Feb 9, 2009
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  3. lhntx

    lhntx Guest

    Thanks for your response, but I made the changes to the defailts becaus
    VISTA quit working and I also uninstalled and made sure that I had th
    latest drivers and tested the cables, etc. (as my original plea for hel
    explained). The tech said that the problem is most likely related t
    VISTA and firewall/virus programs and it could take many hours to fix.
    chose the quick fix - static IP address. The internet is now totall
    lhntx, Feb 9, 2009
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