Linksys tech support live chat transcript - enjoy!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by jim, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. jim

    jim Guest

    I had a PC come across my desk that had Linksys drivers for a WUSB54G
    installed - but the install somehow failed. If you tried to uninstall the
    Linksys app pops up and fails to uninstall saying that some file (it doesn;t
    say which) is missing and the uninstall aborts. If you try and re-install,
    it says you can't reinstall until you untinstall. This would not be a
    problem except that the Linksys software is interfering with another adapter
    also that I tried to install to get away from Linksys hell.

    I even deleted all WUSB* from the Windows directories and all WUSB* registry
    entries that I could. The uninstall and reinstall both still fail.
    Frustrated as hell (isn't that how we all are when we contact technical
    support?) I went online to get some help from Linksys, and this is what I

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Hi, my name is Sunmay Jagtap (40437). How may I help

    Jim: I have a WUSB54G v1 that I installed - something went wrong with the
    install and I tried to uninstall - it then said a file was missing and
    aborted the uninstall - when I try and reinstall it says I have to uninstall
    first - what the hell?

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): I can understand your concern's. May I please know
    the model number and version number with the serial number ( S/N no ) of all
    the linksys product you are using .

    Jim: I don't have it - I left work already - its at work - do you mean to
    tell me that you don;t have a simple uninstall for your products?

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Well, if you uninstall it from the all program or
    add or remove program , it should get uninstalled .


    Jim: THIS


    Jim: If I try and unsinstall it says there is a missing file

    Jim: If I try and re-install to replace whatever file is missing it says I
    have to uninstall first

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): That's the only option to have it uninstalled . If
    you are not able to do that , you can get back to us from the work place ,
    so that we can try to troubleshoot that adapter .

    Jim: But I CANT FKING UNINSTALL because the file is missing


    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Do you know the file name you were missing ?

    Jim: NO - your beautiful software sdoesn;t tell me what file is missing

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): It seem's you are very frustrated , I do understand.
    Please let me know if you are not having that adapter with you as of now,
    how I could help.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): I am there to resolve your issue , however there
    might be many reasons , behind it as it is not getting uninstalled .

    Jim: You must have a simple uninstall app that cleans a system of all
    Linksys WUSB files....Norton has stuff like that for their products. I
    really dont get why you would put out an uninstall that will not uninstall
    if a file is missing - WHY DOES THAT MATER? Youre uninstalling it

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): It will be very difficulty for me to assume the error
    and resolve it or give you a proper resolution on it .

    Jim: Why?

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): If the operating system is not giving you any
    resources to uninstall it like a .sys file is corrupted or missing , you
    can face this issue .
    file is missing and it does not tell me what file is missing\

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): If you fill that the Uninstall wizard on the adapter
    CD is not working , you can try it in some other computer . I am sure you
    should get to a proper conclusion .

    Jim: Then, as if that wasn't stupid enough, your software will not
    re-install without uninstalling - which your software won;t do because some
    phantom file is missing that it will not tell me what file that is....

    Jim: They'll love reading this in the newsgroups.....

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): It also happen's that the software even after
    uninstalling , remain's in your registry , so you might need to clean up
    from that registry .

    Jim: So your software doesn't clean up its own mess?

    Jim: If your software puts in a registry entry, when it is removed (WHICH I
    CANNOT DO) it should remove ALL registry entries

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Well, registry belong's to your operating system not
    any device .


    Jim: Unless your coders arent that bright

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Is the adapter more than 3 years old or less than
    that ?

    Jim: Less

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): You can try to download the latest driver's for your
    adapter and in that you will get the setup wizard as well, you can try to
    use the new one .

    Jim: You have to be the worst rep ever!!!! I have told you time and time
    again that the software install fails because it says it is missing a file
    and you can't overwrite it with another install because it makes you try to
    uninstall first - WHICH I CANT FUCKING DO!

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): I appreciate you high technical skill you are
    possessing , and getting to a conclusion that it is the software issue.
    Being I a technical representative , I am afraid I will not be able to
    assume thing's and give you a solution as they will be improper and wrong
    on my part .

    Jim: Really? Well, I am not as technically proficient as you. I only
    taight my first programming class 25 years ago. I only own a small computer
    company and I only write programs for attorneys and banking institutions.
    Sp forgive me if I fail to see how you can screw up an installation so
    completely that it will neither install OR uninstall.

    Jim: I'm off to post this in the newsgroups - maybe I can save other
    unsuspecting people from Linksys hell.....

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): That's great! to know you are doing very well on your
    part . However , you do not have any product detail's and the device with
    you , so it will not be possible for me to have it troubleshooted . Please
    let me know if you have any option's or what resolution should you like from
    my end , that can help you to resolve this issue ?

    Jim: It is a WUSB54G version 1. I fail to see why a serial number is needed
    when you know the model and version of the product. I also fail to see how
    programmers could be so stupid as to code an app that will not uninstall
    because it is missing a file that will be deleted anyway during the
    uninatall AND to also fail to allow the reinstallation of the application -
    forcing an unistall which is not possible due to a missing file - which they
    are also too dimwitted to give you any clue as to the name of the missing
    file so that it could be replaced. You'd never make it a week at my company.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): I will suggest you to try to install and install the
    adapter in some other computer . If you face the same issue even with some
    other computer , you can have the adapter replaced as per the warranty
    status from our end , if your adapter is in warranty .

    Jim: Why would I screw up a second PC with your software when you can't tell
    me how to get it off the first one? You must be out of your mind.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): On what basic should I assume that it is the software
    and not the computer or the registry or the OS?

    Jim: When your software will not uninstall because it is missing a file and
    it does not say what that ffile is - that is a problem with your software.

    Jim: When your software will not overwrite the old install and forces an
    uninstall - that is a problem with your software coded by your coders.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Well, what un installation Wizard does it use while
    uninstalling it ?

    Jim: Yours.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Are you using windows xp on that adapter computer or
    any other operating system ?

    Jim: XP Home

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Have you tried to uninstall the adapter from the
    device manager ?

    Jim: The device was unplugged. It did not show in the device manager.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): So have you tried uninstalling the software when the
    device is plugged in ?

    Jim: No. Is that where it keeps this phantom missing file?

    Jim: And why would it delete a file from teh device to unistall from my pc?

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Well, that might be the case . If the device is not
    there in the computer , how can the software get un installed if that
    software is not
    in use , as it will not respond properly .

    Jim: Because the damned files are still on the hard drive. Without the
    device pugged in, they should have no reason to be in use and could easily
    be deleted - IF your coders knew what the hell they were doing.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): When you install the linksys software , does it ask
    you in between the installation to plug the adapter In ?

    Jim: I didn't install the adapter.

    Jim: The device does not have to be plugged in to uninstall - at least not
    with uninstall software that works.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): So if the adapter is not installed properly using the
    software , I am sure, there might be some issue uninstalling it . Linksys
    software needs to be plugged the adapter in the computer in between the
    installation and un installation .

    Jim: That does not explain why I cannot uninstall the damned software, tell
    me what file is missing that prevents me from uninstalling nor does it tell
    me why I can't reinstall the software without uninstalling it first which _
    and I may have mentioned this before -- I CANT FUCKING DO!!!!

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Please click on the link below :
    URL Received:

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): Also in windows xp you do not need the linksys
    software as linksys has a built in wireless utility called as easy link
    advisor .

    Jim: How the hell does a link teeling me how to install the device help this

    Jim: Have fun explaining this little conversation.....if I wanted to waste
    my time, I wouldn't waste it with Linksys.

    Sunmay Jagtap (40437): If the software can be loaded as you assume without
    plugging the adapter , then it should get uninstalled as well , correct?

    Jim: What?

    Jim: I never said it could be loaded without the adapter!

    Jim: Damned off-shore help desks.....


    Have a great day! And smile......after all, we don't *have* to use Linksys,
    do we?

    jim, Jul 1, 2008
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  2. jim

    jim Guest

    And due to daikunzeon (a moderator in the Linksys forums) deleting (without
    addressing the piss-poor customer support contained therein, of course) a
    cleaned up copy that I posted there to show the problems with tech support,
    tomorrow we hit the consumer reporting sites!


    This is gonna be all kinds of fun.

    Keep up if you can daikunzeon!

    jim, Jul 1, 2008
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  3. jim

    jim Guest

    By request, here is the post by daikunzeon notifying me of my post ebing

    We apologize for deleting your post on
    Upon further review of your post, we assessed that it is not in line with
    the discussion board's guidelines.

    We understand your frustrations but please keep your comments on Linksys
    products and support, courteous and productive. Also posting chat transcript
    is not allowed. Thanks.

    Linksys Forum Moderator

    How sweet! And not a damned thing mentioned about the problems with the
    software or the piss poor customer support.

    Just goes to show you that Linksys is more concerned with image control that
    customer support.

    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels would be proud!

    jim, Jul 1, 2008
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