Live Communication 2005 - SIP Communication failed.

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by tj498, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. tj498

    tj498 Guest

    I am using Windows Messenger to log into my newly installed LCS2005
    server. I get the error, "Signing in to SIP Communications failed because the
    sign-in name, username, or password is incorrect, or the authentication
    service is not compatible with this version of the program". I have pinged
    into the LCS server using IP address and DNS hostname from the client. I was
    also able to telnet into port 5060 and perform nslookup into _sip._tcp.FQDN
    (again, from the client). I am using the sign-in name as it appears in AD,
    and using the domain username and password. I have manually configured
    WinMessenger to use TCP and the FQDN which LCS (and the pool) is located. The
    CA is listed in both client and server in the trusted root certificates
    (although LCS has a white X in a red circle when referencing certificate). I
    am able to manipulate user accounts on the LCS2005 via AD. Can anyone offer
    advice to what I may have overlooked?
    tj498, Jun 15, 2005
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