Live messenger error 1603

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Marko, May 25, 2006.

  1. Marko

    Marko Guest


    I´m trying to install new beta messenger, but it always rollback and gives
    error 1603. So can someone help me with this problem?


    Marko, May 25, 2006
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  2. Greetings Marko,

    1603 is actually a generic Windows Installer error (basically it means "something went
    wrong"). Is there any other error codes appearing before or after the 1063 message?
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], May 25, 2006
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  3. Marko

    Marko Guest

    Thanks for answer. When I install ver 7.5 evething goes nice. But when I try
    8 beta it goes to end without any error message. Rolls back and then comes
    error:"Windows live messenger setup failed with error code 1603. Please go
    to the windows live messenger website to download
    the latest version of windows live messenger.
    Marko, May 26, 2006
  4. Marko

    cutalian Guest

    i have the same problem...did u figure it out yet?
    cutalian, Jul 11, 2006
  5. Marko

    Fl0ppy Guest

    Hello to all...

    2 Simply question... why you guys of Microsoft dot tell all of us WHY this
    error happens?

    If you dont do it I'll do I...

    All of us that we have this trouble make a little reaserch on google and
    look how there is a syntax that make possible log the actions of msi package

    Is this: msiexec /i "C:\my stuff\package.msi" /l*v "d:\place for

    In a detailed manner is produced an output file with all the install

    For do this you need to extract the msi package from the exe (almost all
    commercial unpacking programs are good) then launch it from command shell
    with the extended parameters it's all done simply susbsitute what you need in
    the previus command example...

    And... after this you simply launch the installation, go to the log and look
    where the error is..

    And surprise... in the exact point of the rollback action occurs the trouble
    is: MSN Live crap is trying to install some .nfo for some USB phone device
    that surely no one have and need for the moment...

    'CustomActionData' property 'ManufacturerName' is Microsoft Corporation.
    DIFXAPP: INFO: ENTER: DriverPackageInstallW
    DIFXAPP: INFO: WLPhoneC.inf: checking signature with catalog 'C:\Program
    Files\MSN Messenger\Device Manager\' ...
    DIFXAPP: INFO: Driver package 'WLPhoneC.inf' is WHQL signed.
    DIFXAPP: ERROR: Create Driver Store entry failed. (Error code 0x6E: The
    system cannot open the device or file specified.)
    DIFXAPP: INFO: Successfully removed {FF44D3D6-192E-4C68-B609-8D704FC8A3FC}
    from reference list of driver store entry
    DIFXAPP: INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0x52)
    DIFXAPP: ERROR encountered while installing driver package C:\Program
    Files\MSN Messenger\Device Manager\WLPhoneC.inf
    DIFXAPP: InstallDriverPackages failed with error 0x52

    Why you (Microsoft developer) dont try to work around at this problem
    excluding this piece of the installation and make many people could use your
    program ??

    Why you cannot solve this from yourself (referred to Microsoft developer),
    make some test and try to avoid trouble at the common users?

    I know you have reached mine same conclusion making some test, but why you
    (still referred to Microsoft developer) simply stay at the windows and look
    us from above, laughing and dont work from a solution if you surely know the

    A really sad customer user...
    Fl0ppy, Jul 25, 2006
  6. Marko

    Geobeo Guest

    Also there is an easy way... for newbies. find a msi extractor i.e Less
    MSIerables, extract the msnmsgs.msi file.
    Then from the directory that you have extracted the msi run the msnmsgr.exe
    and the whole things works.
    For desparate users only
    Geobeo, Aug 10, 2006
  7. Marko

    Eramus Guest

    I also have been getting the same error whether I'm installing Messenger 7.5
    or Live Messenger 8.0 Beta. Before the installation rollback occurs in my
    case there is a mention of error code 2932 and that the installation package
    may be damaged. I've re-downloaded both installers and tried again with only
    the same result. Thanks for any feedback.
    Eramus, Aug 23, 2006
  8. Marko

    fabri Guest


    I´m trying to install new messenger 8 live , but it every time rollback
    and gives
    error 1603. So can someone help me with this problem?

    my actual version's 7.5-
    i try to clena temp. files
    i try to stop all my programs that run during installation
    and i try this:
    1) Click Start > Run
    2) Type msiexec /unreg and press enter and wait until it appears to have
    3) Go back to Start > Run
    4) Type msiexec /regserver and press enter.
    5) Try to install MSN Messenger 8 again.

    i try to use the utility Windows Installer Clean Up

    and muth more...but I CANNOT install messenger 8 live.

    thanks for all suggestion.
    fabri, Sep 3, 2006
  9. Marko

    susan celis Guest

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    susan celis, Dec 21, 2010
  10. Marko

    susan celis Guest

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    susan celis, Dec 21, 2010
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