Live OneCare vs AVG ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Amanda, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Amanda

    Amanda Guest

    I've been given a new Windows Live OneCare subscription to try, and I
    currently use AVG Internet Security, for 3 home computers, all running Vista.
    I'd like to know if Onecare is something I should give up the AVG for. I have
    a subscription with AVG through Feb of next year, (paid for) so I don't want
    to give it up unless there is particulary good benefit from it.
    Could someone give a review of these two programs?
    Amanda, Jan 30, 2008
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  2. No review. Stick with AVG.. :)
    Mike Hall - MVP, Jan 30, 2008
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  3. Amanda

    Robinb Guest

    stick with AVG- I know a lot that use one care and are not happy with it
    Robinb, Jan 30, 2008
  4. Amanda

    Rea's Guest

    I have been using Live one care since last March and after several
    uninstalls and reinstalls in the beginning, it seems to work OK now. I have
    not noticed anything that would prompt me to change. I previously used
    Norton Anti Virus and become unsatisfied with Norton. I will renew my
    subscription in April for another year. Service is good for three
    computers. Staples currently has a rebate that allows all or most of your
    money back. I think the list is $39.00 for up to 3 computers
    Rea's, Jan 30, 2008
  5. Amanda

    StephenB Guest

    If you have a paid up subscription for AVG, I would not make the switch. OneCare
    is a good program, in my opinion, but so is AVG. If you want the extra features
    of OneCare, that may make it worth the switch, though. Since you are using the
    trial, you'll know if you like it or not.
    StephenB, Jan 30, 2008
  6. Amanda

    M C Guest

    I recommend MS Live OneCare... 3 reasons:
    1. comes with a 90 day trial (picked up a full version for $40).. will
    activate when time's up
    2. it's from Microsoft!! probably a good idea to let these guys fix their
    own vulnerabilities!
    3. it can backup user profile related docs and settings as well
    M C, Jan 30, 2008
  7. Amanda

    XKLL Guest

    AVG is one of the top rated virus programs that is widely used. use both
    programs, and if you have to disable one to run the other then do so. i think
    they will work together. (?) You must have 32 bit because AVG does not work
    XKLL, Feb 1, 2008
  8. Amanda

    StephenB Guest

    *Never* have two antivirus programs installed concurrently. Even disabled,
    conflicts may occur, impacting system performance and stability.
    If you want AVG, remove OneCare. If you was OneCare, uninstall AVG.
    StephenB, Feb 1, 2008
  9. In the end a review is dependent upon the reviewer's preferences. I've beta
    tested Windows Live OneCare and have used it, but, personally, it isn't
    something I would recommend. My experience with OneCare was far too
    troublesome, that why it never got reviewed on either of my websites. My
    personal advice would be to stick with AVG.

    John Barnett MVP
    Associate Expert
    Windows - Shell/User


    The information in this mail/post is supplied "as is". No warranty of any
    kind, either expressed or implied, is made in relation to the accuracy,
    reliability or content of this mail/post. The Author shall not be liable for
    any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the
    use of, or inability to use, information or opinions expressed in this
    John Barnett MVP, Feb 1, 2008
  10. Amanda

    GUS Guest

    I use MSN Messenger and as a matter of file transfer options I selected the
    Onecare scanner (ease of use). It only is active for the file transfer
    during a conversation. I have the AVG as my Anti-virus software
    (free-version only). Is there a way to specify AVG in lieu of the Onecare
    file scanning in the file transfer function?

    Thank you,
    GUS, Mar 29, 2008
  11. Amanda

    Robinb Guest

    live one care has a built in virus protection in it so you need to remove
    you cannot run two antivirus programs at the same time- they will fight each
    other and you will wind up with a nice crash!
    Robinb, Apr 2, 2008
  12. Amanda

    Todd Guest

    AVG doesn't work on 64-bit? News to me! I've been using it for the last
    6 months! :p
    Todd, Apr 5, 2008
  13. Amanda

    .Joe Guest

    AVG is a good anti-virus program. But that's all it does.

    Live OneCare does system tune ups and backups as well as evilware
    scans. For your subscription, you can use it on three PC's. It also
    makes sharing a printer on your local network easier. Plus you get
    unlimited telephone/live chat tech support for Live OneCare from
    Microsoft techs in case anything goes wrong. You'll get more value for
    your money with Live OneCare.


    _[image:] (\"\")_
    _*::Click_here_for_the_Vista_Forums::* (\"\")_
    _Geekbench_Score:_4050 (\"\")_
    _CPU-Z_Verified (\"\")_
    .Joe, Apr 5, 2008
  14. Amanda

    tecknotot Guest

    Well when OneCare first came out, it sucked. I was a beta site for it.
    Now with 2.5 its 100 times better. I cant wait for 3.0 which I think
    is adding email scanning and other features. I totally recommend
    OneCare or AVG.
    tecknotot, Apr 27, 2008
  15. Why would anyone with a clue *add* e-mail scanning to
    an AV product? OOohh - that's a Microsoft product huh?

    -never mind
    FromTheRafters, Apr 27, 2008
  16. Amanda

    StephenB Guest

    I'm not sure where the rumor of email scanning in a future revision of OneCare
    came from, but I have to agree with your sarcasm. Scanning email inbound and
    outbound is generally considered to be "smoke and mirrors" which causes more
    problems than it solves. I am not aware of any plans to add this to OneCare,
    although stranger things have happened.
    StephenB, Apr 27, 2008
  17. Microsoft has a long history of giving the people what they want
    even if it is not necessarily good for them. For instance the out-
    of-the-box experience achieved by default settings that may have
    severely compromised overall security.

    If people pass over Microsoft's AV offering in favor of other ones
    which offer the added (false sense of) security of e-mail scanning,
    then I'm sure they will offer it as well.

    Hopefully it will be disabled by default. :eek:)
    FromTheRafters, Apr 28, 2008
  18. Amanda

    Luke Savage Guest

    I would recommend Windows Live OneCare 2.5 to novice and professional users.
    I've been using Windows Live OneCare 2.5 for about four months and like it.
    It has low impact on CPU and memory usage and is both 32/64bit. Also, I like
    the features Microsoft have built into the OneCare package. Personally, I
    think this should have been a part of Windows from 3.1 - Vista but everyone
    needs to make money somehow and that's why we have viruses so companies like
    Symantec can sell you an anti-virus program.

    Personally, I've beta tested Grisoft (AVG), Trend Micro, but OneCare is the
    easiest to use. Why have complicated Anti-Virus programs? I say if it does
    the job it's good enough for me. I don't need the overhead that Norton
    has.....or the problem of deleting win.sys files when uninstalling. Yes
    Symantec, you ruined a perfectly good build of Windows NT 4.0 SP4 in 1999 and
    will never forgive you for it. But don't listen to an experienced person,
    it's really up to the money making, advertising, and marketing frenzy
    companies to fill your head full of nonsense so you can purchase their 'slow
    your system down' software. By the way, have you noticed some software comes
    with fun filled advertisement and extra programs that you'll never use? Take
    it from me...OneCare is great for the money. AVG is great but has more
    overhead and runs at 32 bit only (64bit compatible). Don't even think about
    Norton. Norton is for people who would rather remain ignorant.

    Luke Savage
    Luke Savage, Dec 1, 2008
  19. Amanda

    Todd Guest

    Holy mother of thread revives!
    Todd, Dec 1, 2008
  20. Amanda

    Eddie Hyde Guest


    I would recommend that novice users of Usenet check the date of posts
    they intend to respond to. It reduces the embarrassment factor
    Eddie Hyde, Dec 1, 2008
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