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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Lloyd Wolf, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Lloyd Wolf

    Lloyd Wolf Guest


    I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the new version 6 of Live State
    Recovery Server and Live State Recovery Manager on an SBS2000 or SBS203

    It is "imaging" technology. We want to be able to make images client
    workstations, on a regularly scheduled basis. This will allow us to be able
    to get someone back up-and-running in the event of a workstation hard disk
    drive failure. Their "data" is always on the server, but it is often
    painful to rebuilt a client PC after a hard disk drive crash (application
    software, etc.). Many of our clients run SBS, and have 10-30 PCs on their
    network. I want to offer them some type of imaging option for their desktop

    I was excited when Symantec released version 6 of their Live State Recovery
    Server and Live State Recovery Manager products. The Manager product lets
    you manage the server and workstations from a central console. I spent
    several hours researching the product, and spoke several times with
    pre-sales tech support at Ingram Micro - explaining my typical SBS server
    and 10-30 PCs situation.

    For our own in-house network, I purchased Live State Recovery Advanced
    Server and the Manager, and 10 licenses for Live State Recovery Desktop and
    the Manager.

    I had a little trouble with my initial installation, and call Symantec Tech
    Support. The support engineer told me that the server-piece of the Manager
    Console was NOT supported on a domain controller. It is not supported on a
    server running Terminal Server and it is not supported on a desktop PC. He
    said you must install it on a member server.

    Most of my clients don;t have an extra member server on their SBS2000 and
    SBS2003 networks. The technician seemed fairly knowledgeable, but I was
    wondering if perhaps he was wrong, and the server-piece of the Manager
    Console might work on a domain controller - such as a server running SBS2000
    or SBS2003 .

    Does anyone have any experience with this - either good or bad?
    Lloyd Wolf, Feb 11, 2006
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  2. Lloyd Wolf

    Gary Karasik Guest

    Hi, Lloyd,

    LSR v6 works on my SBS servers, despite what the tech told you. In my
    experience, Symantec support is among the worst in the industry in terms of
    accessibility, knowledge, and attitude.

    If you haven't yet, download v6.01, which is available via Symantec Product
    Update. It's a huge download, but it may work better than v6. Also, if you
    need it do straight disk-to-disk copies, there's a bug that prevents this if
    there is data in the copy-to partition. After much screaming, they did
    provide me with a fix for this, but it won't be generally available until
    v6.02 is released, sometime in April. Even with the fix, I have "downgraded"
    all my servers to LSRv3.03, which just plain works better than v6.
    Unfortunately, I think v3.03 doen not have the features it sounds like you

    If it's not too late for you, there are competing products. Acronis makes
    one such, and there are others. Though we have a lot invested in LSR, we
    will be looking at and buying something else. I am in the process of ridding
    all my systems of anything Symantec, not easy to do because they are buying
    nearly everything in sight.

    Gary Karasik, Feb 11, 2006
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  3. Have a look at Paragon's products. I use them with SBS - they work great,
    and are among the most affordable solutions you'll find.
    Les Connor [SBS Community Member - SBS MVP], Feb 11, 2006
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