Live TV - pic with set top box, no pic without it - COPY PROTECTIO

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Chaser7016, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Chaser7016

    Chaser7016 Guest

    I wonder if anyone else has run into this odd occurrence?

    I tried many times in having MCE2005 detect a cable signal while the coax
    was directly hooked into my WINTV 250(retail non mce), but it never detected
    cable(i did have the sound of all my cable chnnls, but a black pic). So, I
    thought I'd throw in my set top box into the equation(cable into set top,
    cable out into TV card) and see if that is detected. Surprisingly it
    detected my cable and I was able to enjoy my digital cable 100% through
    MCE2005. So, then without turning my PC off I then went ahead and removed
    the set top out of the equation and then ran coax right into the TV card
    again to scan it for basic cable. For whatever reason it detected my basic
    cable. So, now I am able to enjoy my basic cable through MCE2005, but if I
    reboot my PC I have to go through the same annoying process again. Arggh!

    Is a copy protection scheme causing this, a NTSC or PAL issue, a driver
    issue or something else? Anyone? Cheers, Chaser
    Chaser7016, Nov 7, 2004
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  2. Chaser7016

    Frank2808 Guest

    Hey again Chaser... Someone suggested on another site that in order for
    MCE2005 to detect the cable signal you have to have a Microsoft USB remote
    plugged into the system. I have not been able to test this as I won't have
    my tuner card until tomorrow...
    Frank2808, Nov 7, 2004
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  3. Chaser7016

    Chaser7016 Guest

    Lol...I have been a bit overzealous in getting this working. Im also paul7986
    at, where I see you posted there as well. I guess were the only
    people running into this issue :(

    I have the MCE remote, so when SHS offerred that advice I was baffled,
    because having the remote does nothing.

    Well its working fine now for me, but it is annoying that if I turn off my
    PC I have to go through the TV set up again. Real annoying cause I really
    disliked using my set top through MCE(changes channels REALLY SLOW) and now
    Im just watching basic cable through it(I have to set up TV source through
    set top remove cable out of set top hook cable right into card then run set
    up again). Oh well.

    Please tell me how the other card works for you. I am going to build
    another Media Center PC in a month, but this time try out Sage TV or Beyond
    Media(if its available by then). Cheers, Chaser!
    Chaser7016, Nov 8, 2004
  4. Chaser7016

    Frank2808 Guest


    Got the PVR250MCE (OEM Version) from today. I installed the
    card in the computer that I took the PVR250 out of (without reformatting
    even!) and it worked on the first try with the MCE drivers from the
    Haugappage web site. Detected cable and auto tuned all channels. Looks like
    the card was the issue!!
    Frank2808, Nov 8, 2004
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