Loading MSN Display Pictures from anywhere else than my computer?

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by RvV, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. RvV

    RvV Guest


    I am wondering if there is any way to load the display pictures in MSN from
    anywhere else than my computer. I have some x-rated photos that I don't want
    my family to find on my pc and it also would be nice to be able to show my
    display pictures to my MSN contacts when I'm using another pc (internet cafe
    for example). I know that there is the possibility to create a MSN Spaces
    page but I don't think that I can use the pictures on my Spaces page as
    display pictures in MSN, can I?

    And a question about Dynamic Display Pictures. I see in MSN that I can
    create Blue Mountain Display Pictures, but is there a way to create Dynamic
    Display Pictures with pictures of myself?


    RvV, Oct 17, 2005
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  2. RvV

    Racervalpen Guest

    Yes! This function will i have on my messenger too.
    My display picture on all computers
    Racervalpen, Oct 18, 2005
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  3. Greetings Rik,

    There's no way to do this automatically as display pictures are stored locally and sent as
    necessary (the pictures don't roam), as such you'll have to set them up on each PC you use
    Messenger (to clarify there's nothing stopping you from just copying the files, you just have
    to set it up).

    As for dynamic display pictures, unfortunately there is no way presently to create your own
    as they are digitally signed.

    All posts unless otherwise specified are (c) 2005 Jonathan Kay.
    You *must* contact me for redistribution rights.
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Oct 18, 2005
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