Local Intranet Zone question

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by kev, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. kev

    kev Guest

    I need to change the default security on a Win 2003 server to be able to run
    exe's and batch files from mapped drives and UNC paths (without the prompts
    etc). I can accomplish this by adding the individual servers (\\server) to
    the Local Intranet Zone, is there a way to include all the local servers
    without adding each one separately. For example in Win XP there is an option
    to include all UNC paths in the Local Intranet Zone.
    kev, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. kev

    Jeff Cochran Guest

    Add the entire domain.

    Jeff Cochran, Mar 30, 2005
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  3. kev

    kev Guest

    I tried *.domain.com and file://*.domain.com neither of them worked. It only
    works when I add file://Server.
    kev, Mar 31, 2005
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