Local user groups, how to assign users to Power Users grp?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by sunslight, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. sunslight

    sunslight Guest

    I am running xp media edition 2005.
    I want to be able to asign users to local groups, with the rights that each
    groups has.

    In computer management (admin account), I did this and it confirms that I
    have assigneduser names to the groups I wanted. --I only want 1 admin, the
    rest either Power Users or limited. --I want to keep the Admin account as
    clean as possible and give no one else access, but still let Power Users do
    softtware, etc., but keep them out of the system files.

    I thought all was fine, but when I logged into one of the new "power user"
    accounts, I couldn't down load programs, remove programs, do any of the
    things a power user should be able to do.

    In checking the user accounts in the CP for that user, it shows it as being
    a memeber of an "unknown group."

    In fact, all my power users, are listed as belonging to an unkown group,
    giving me only 2 recognized groups: Admin & limited.

    So, even though I assigned a user account to the power user group, it was
    placed in an "unknown group" status, which had only "limited" rights.

    How do I fix it so the user accounts, when assigned to local groups in the
    Comp. managment, User, local groups, which list all the standard groups, are
    actually made members of those groups?

    The help file in the --what I thought was a power user account, said I had
    only two groups available: Admin and limited, which is in confilct to what I
    can do in the Admin, computer management, local, user groups.
    sunslight, Oct 25, 2008
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