Locking Toolbars Doesn't Lock the Toolbars

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by sirius, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. sirius

    sirius Guest

    I rearranged where I wanted the links toolbar with "Lock Toolbars" unchecked,
    then checked it after I moved it. I closed IE7, then when I reopen it, it's
    back where it was, not where I moved it. *I* want to tell IE where to put
    things, not have IE tell me where it wants them. So far, my first impressions
    of IE7 is that the toolbars and other stuff at the top are cluttered. I
    preferred IE6 SP2 in that area.
    sirius, Oct 25, 2006
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  2. sirius

    FrankV Guest

    Leave the "Lock Toolbars" blank. It should keep the change you made then.
    This has been a long-time problem even with many older versions.

    FrankV, Oct 25, 2006
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  3. sirius

    sirius Guest

    That doesn't work, either. Locked or unlocked, if I rearrange things, then
    close, then reopen IE7, everything is right back where MS put it, not where I
    left them. This is only one of several major things that aren't working right
    after the "upgrade" to IE7. I'm not impressed.
    sirius, Oct 25, 2006
  4. sirius

    PA Bear Guest

    Options/settings in several third-party applications may be disallowing the
    change from "sticking". These include Ad-aware's Ad-Watch, Spybot Tea Timer,
    SpywareBlaster, SpySweeper, Norton AntiVirus, McAfee VirusScan and/or
    Antispyware, and Zone Alarm (Free and Pro).
    PA Bear, Oct 26, 2006
  5. sirius

    sirius Guest

    Well, of course it's not IE7's fault. Silly me. In fact it has so many things
    wrong with it that aren't its fault either that I'm junking it and going back
    to IE6.

    80-90% of the times I close IE7, I get an error message saying there was a
    problem closing it and I have to restart it. It says it's logging the error,
    but doesn't say where. It happens so often that I suppose I should just look
    for a very large *.log file on my system.

    Whoever redesigned the layout of the toolbar buttons and scattered them to
    the winds obviously never heard of usability and ergonomics. For example, the
    refresh button should be beside the back and forward buttons, not miles away
    from them. And they're too small, too.

    The scrolling Favorites list always goes back to the start and doesn't stay
    where I left it when I scrolled through it.

    I don't need to keep the search area on the address line because I have the
    Google toolbar, but IE7 won't let me get rid of it, only select a search

    I enabled AutoComplete, but it stopped working when I "upgraded".

    I had to apply a registry hack to put the menu bar at the top of the window
    where it is in EVERY other window in the history of Windows.

    IE7 didn't keep all my settings and preferences from IE6. I want to switch
    back to IE6, but I'm concerned that I'll lose more settings and preferences
    and maybe my Favorites list if I do, so switching to an entirely different
    browser is looking even more attractive.

    Gaining tabbed browsing is far from enough of a price to pay for all the
    other big retrograde steps. Did anyone on the IE7 team have any contact with
    real people in the real world? Believe it or not, I wanted to like IE7. I
    like IE6 and I was looking forward to an improved version, but I did not get
    one at all.

    This is a classic: I just logged into my Hotmail account to read the notice
    that there'd been a reply to my question in this thread and it also tells me
    that it needs my OK to run an ActiveX control from Microsoft, which it says
    is an "unverified publisher"! Left hand, meet your right hand.

    sirius, Oct 27, 2006
  6. sirius

    PA Bear Guest

    sirius wrote:
    How hilariously ironic (laughing with you, not at you)!
    PA Bear, Oct 27, 2006
  7. sirius

    pesk Guest

    I am running Norton AV 2006, Spybot & Spysweeper. Can you provide some
    further guidance as to which settings (and where they are) that may be
    affecting this? Interestingly enough last week I had the toolbar locked the
    way I arranged it and it stayed that way UNTIL the weekend when my scheduled
    Norton sweep, Spysweeper sweep and Spybot sweep ran - so I think you're
    correct as to what the problem is. Now I need to find the SPECIFIC setting
    to correct. Thanks!
    pesk, Nov 7, 2006
  8. sirius

    eeden003 Guest

    Same here!!!! Problems with loking the toolbars! I'm back at I.E.6!!!!!
    J.P>vdn Eeden - The Netherlands -
    eeden003, Nov 25, 2006
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