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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by log-in locally on a sbs2003 server, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. I want a user to log-in locally on the sbs2003 server. He can get access
    through a client? How can it be done. I am receiving a log-in error.
    log-in locally on a sbs2003 server, Nov 24, 2004
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  2. log-in locally on a sbs2003 server

    Steve Flynn Guest

    "Normal" Users are not allowed to log in to the SBS server by default. This
    is a security policy setting on the server and is defined in group policy.

    If the user needs to log in as part of their job then you may be able to add
    them to one of the groups that have "log on locally at the server"
    permissions such as Administrators or Server Operators.

    If you don't want this then you can specifically grant the user log on
    locally rights at the server.

    Assuming you haven't changed the defaults from the initial install of SBS
    the server will be getting its local security policy settings from the
    Default Domain Controllers group policy. The setting you want is under
    Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local
    Policies | User Rights Assignments. Under "Allow log on locally" add the
    user. Also check that the user is not in any groups that may be set under
    the "Deny Log on Locally" setting (he shouldn't be but it's worth a check).

    To implement the change instantly run gpupdate from a command prompt on the
    server to refresh group policy.


    Steve Flynn

    "log-in locally on a sbs2003 server" <log-in locally on a sbs2003
    > wrote in message
    Steve Flynn, Nov 24, 2004
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