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Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by DM, Nov 25, 2003.

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    An error appears telling you the local security (or
    system) policy will not let you logon interactively after
    joinging a domain and rebooting.

    I've seen this occur on a single Win 2K Pro workstation
    when it was joined to a brand new Win 2k3 domain. This
    workstation would not let domain accts or local accts
    logon whether they were users or administrators. No other
    Win 2K Pro workstation on that network had this problem.
    Once the workstation was formated and Windows was
    reinstalled and joined back to the domain, the problem did
    not occur again.

    I have this happening now on one Win 2K Pro workstation
    that was joined to a brand new Win 2K domain. Just like
    before, the computer is effectively completely unuseable.
    In addition, another Win 2K Pro workstation is having a
    similar problem. Local users and administrators can logon,
    domain users can logon, but the domain Administrator can.
    The domain Administrator was able to directly after the
    computer was joined to the domain, but within a day or so,
    it began to receive the same error msg when logging onto
    this computer.

    BTW, there are several Win XP Pro workstations in the Win
    2K domain, and none of them are having the same problem--
    which was the case as well with the Win 2k3 domain I saw
    this problem in once before.

    Any suggestions other than formatting and reinstalling?

    DM, Nov 25, 2003
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