Logon Process Initialization Failure

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Ed, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Anyone ever received this? I'm running Windows Vista Business, the full
    version, on a Compaq Presario V3000.

    My computer froze this morning, and when I tried to CTRL-ALT-DEL and stop
    the frozen programs, I started getting this error:

    "Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the
    event log for more details."

    I tried to restart, but the only way I could was to hold down the power
    button. Now, when I startup (or try to, because I can't get it to startup all
    the way), it has a black screen and that error comes on again.

    Any ideas? I'm getting really sick of Vista doing crap like this.
    Ed, Mar 5, 2007
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  2. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Oh, BTW, I just tried starting up in safe mode, but I'm getting the same
    error. When I press OK in the error window, it disappears and then reappears.
    Can't get past it.
    Ed, Mar 5, 2007
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  3. Ed

    deadlyshort Guest

    I'm getting the same thing - need a solution fast!
    deadlyshort, Apr 14, 2007
  4. Ed

    Rock Guest

    Same thing as what? You have posted as a reply to someone else's thread and
    haven't quoted any of the previous message so there is no context.

    Many people use a newsreader to access what is actually a Usenet newsgroup,
    and only download the latest messages so the previous messages in a thread
    are not seen. That's why it's standard practice to quote at least a part of
    the message to which you reply. Better yet create a new thread with your
    issue and include all relevant information about it.
    Rock, Apr 14, 2007
  5. Ed

    Maktmak Guest

    This exact description has occured to me. I put my laptop away last night
    and took it out this morning to boot up and got the same message:

    "Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the
    event log for more details."

    I hit "okay", but the message comes right backe eternally. Stuck in a loop,
    At this point I've tried Start up Repair, repair your computer, all Safe
    Mode Start ups, system restore. Some things more than once. Nothing seems
    to be working. Right now I'm doing a Chkdsk and waiting.

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I have a 3 week old Dell Inspirion 1505
    and am running Windows Home Premium.
    Maktmak, Jun 14, 2007
  6. Ed

    stevie mcg Guest

    I am getting the exact same problem and have no idea what I can do to fix
    this. I've tried starting the system in safe mode but the same window appears
    just after I turn on my computer. Please help!
    stevie mcg, Aug 17, 2007
  7. Ed

    BloodyEddie Guest

    Hey Ppl,

    Boot to the Advanced Boot Menu (Most of the Systems, tap F8 several
    times at boot to get to the advanced boot menu).

    - Press enter on 'Repair Your Computer'
    - Choose language and click Next
    - Choose your User name (by default it will say administrator) and type
    in the password to login
    - Click on 'System Restore' and take the system back to a previous

    Or go through this > 'How to use System Restore to log on to Windows
    Vista when you lose access to an account'

    Hopefully this fixes it. If this doesn't fix, you may have to do a

    Thanks and Regards,

    BloodyEddie, Mar 25, 2008
  8. Ed

    leo5050 Guest

    I am having the same problem. The dell techs want me to do a system
    re-install to fix the problem. My problem is not know how to back up my
    files before i do the fix. Got any ideas anyone?
    leo5050, Jul 20, 2008
  9. Ed

    Rick Rogers Guest


    You're supposed to backup on a regular basis in order to avoid just such a
    problem. If you cannot log on to the system and do a proper backup, then the
    best solution is to remove the drive from the system and slave it in a
    working system, copy off the data you wish to save, then reinstall it in the
    original system and follow the recovery steps.
    Rick Rogers, Jul 20, 2008
  10. Ed

    leo5050 Guest

    Hey Rick

    In an effort to take your much welcomed advice please tell me how t
    find out where to put the pin covers on the back of my hard drive t
    make it a slave

    here is my schematic of my pins

    1. 2. 3. 4
    . . .

    . . .

    Which set do I use

    Thanks again

    leo5050, Jul 22, 2008
  11. Ed

    Nonny Guest

    MOST hard drives have that info ON them. Either on the face plate or
    on the back, pressed into the metal near the pins.

    Lacking that, you need to go to the mfr's website to get your info.
    Nonny, Jul 22, 2008
  12. Ed

    leo5050 Guest

    thanks Nonny,

    I found the picture.

    leo5050, Jul 22, 2008
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