Logon to W2K8 locked RDP session may spin forever at 'Welcome']

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by Jacques Assert, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. By default, when you logon to W2K8 There are a series of messages such
    as Welcome, Applying computer security settings, Applying personal
    settings, etc. I have a logon hang where the system spins at the Welcome
    message and will not proceed or timeout.

    When the logon locks, other problems arise:

    1) Unable to disconnect/reconnect session (always spins at Welcome).
    2) shutdown -r -f -m //w2k8box fails, though attempt is noted in W2K8
    event log as a commanded shutdown
    3) Unable to logon from console (message is that logon refused because
    another logon/logoff/reconnect/disconnect is in process)
    4) Unable to logon with another account via RDP or at console (same
    logon in process message)
    5) Reinserting USB HID devices are not recognized, though USB HID
    already inserted continue to function
    6) Once frozen, it is unaffected by unplugging all network cables.

    I am able to remotely access computer management and file shares, which
    continue to work. The event log shows timeout events for CryptSvc
    (often), and NlaSvc (always).

    I've tried allowing shutdown without logon in the local security policy,
    and this appeared to work once, but without the ability to logon (and
    shutdown), I am forced to perform a hard poweroff.

    So far, the problem has never happened at the console, but only via RDP.
    Since I usually use RDP, this observation may be meaningless.

    Hard power off (hold power button for >4s) required.

    Looking for strategies for diagnosing this problem.
    1) How to restart system without pulling power?
    Note that front power button shutdown works when system is not in hang
    state, and only works sometimes when in hang state
    2) How to narrow down source of problem?
    Jacques Assert, Feb 24, 2009
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  2. Jacques Assert

    Jason Gimeno Guest

    We are having the exact same problem with a Server 2008 box that is used as a
    Terminal Server, including the CryptSvc and NlaSvc events. Have you made any
    progress with this? We have had other problems with some other Server 08
    Terminal Servers we manage and have figured out that restarting them nightly
    helps. Let me know if you have found a solution to this yet.
    Jason Gimeno, Mar 2, 2009
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  3. Jacques Assert

    Andy Infante Guest

    We also have the exact same problem. Found another post in here several
    months ago that had another administrator with the problem. Made some
    registry changes to modify memory usage and stuff, but can't find that post
    now. Was able to have server work for several weeks, but it has started
    getting worse again, sometimes 2-3 times a day where I need to hard boot the
    server. Any luck with this anyone? Nobody's resolved this??
    Andy Infante, May 18, 2009
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