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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by A, Apr 4, 2014.

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    A Guest

    Are you an SBS 2011 EXPERT?
    Do you have time in your schedule?
    Would you like to make some extra money?
    Can you work productively on your own?
    Are you looking for a real challenge?

    If this is YOU then we may have a job for you!

    We have been using SBS2003 for a decade and the equipment is
    showing its age. We were sold a new Dell server and told that SBS 2011
    was the way to go. We have converted over and de-commissioned our old
    server and it has been a disaster.

    We do not need or want any of the bells and whistles associated
    with SBS. We were not aware of the '5 roles' that we would be forced
    into. Setting up these roles would be an even bigger disaster for our

    What we want is clean and simple. We want our server to run from
    within a workgroup framework with less then 30 users. Here is a short
    list of our needs.

    1) File sharing for our MS Access system and other programs.
    2) Running SQL our accounting software.
    3) Running numerous over night processes.
    4) Backups

    We DO NOT need or want the server to do e-mail, serve our Web
    domain, or any of the other junk we are being forced into.

    Where we are now.
    We found a Microsoft white paper on how to switch to a workgroup
    environment. It worked and when the server is running we can get most
    of what we want.

    Unfortunately Microsoft has installed MALICIOUS code in the system
    that if you don't set up the server in a certain way (ie. the '5
    roles') it will SHUTDOWN every 7 days. It also limits the ability to
    automatically run our processes using the Task scheduler.

    Our Dilemma

    1) We cannot go back to 2003.
    2) We will not set up the server the way Microsoft wants. We will not
    put Microsoft in charge of our business.
    3) The system shuts down every 7 days +- 30 minutes.
    4) The Task scheduler will only run 2 of our 15 processes even though
    they run manually.

    What we want from you.

    We are willing to pay anyone who can STOP the shutdowns while
    keeping us running as a Workgroup server.

    Please don't waste your time if your solution is to set up the
    server with the 5 roles. We fully understand WHY this is happening. We
    just want it to stop.

    What we what to pay you for is a way to stop the shutdowns and keep
    our current configuration.

    We are not opposed to certain modifications and we will entertain
    any solutions short of a complete capitulation of our business to
    Microsoft. We are not entertaining the installation of a different
    operating system.

    We simply want someone to do the research to remove the MALICIOUS
    shutdown code.

    If you are interested please post a reply with contact information
    and I will e-mail you directly.

    Thank you.

    A, Apr 4, 2014
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  2. A

    Joe Guest

    They are mostly the same rules that SBS2003 operated under, and are not
    a particular problem. All they mean is that SBS must be the primary
    controller of its domain, it can't be a member server. Just ignore what
    you don't need. You certainly won't be running your web domain from
    SBS, as it is neither licensed nor anywhere near secure enough for that
    purpose. If you don't like what the Small Business Server offers in the
    way of facilities and restrictions, and genuinely cannot live with it,
    use different software. Why buy a car and then complain that it isn't a

    And if you have a genuine objection to using Microsoft software, then I
    would recommend Debian Stable, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux if you need
    paid support. Quite honestly, if you don't need Exchange, then you
    don't really need SBS, and your other requirements don't appear to
    demand an MS server. My file and SQL server runs Debian Stable. And for
    God's sake, use Access frontends with an SQL server, not files, that's
    just asking for trouble. Access with multiple users and with its
    database stored in a file is a dog, and a slow dog at that.

    This newsgroup was abandoned by Microsoft a couple of years ago. The
    action is now here:

    Joe, Apr 4, 2014
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