Loop Installing .NET 1.1 SP1 when .NET 2.0 also installed

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by TwisterCentral, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. On XP SP2 I get into a loop where updates
    are continuously available, and the .NET 1.1 SP1
    continuously fails. I see that I also have .NET 2.0 installed.
    I see there is a KB article on .NET 1.1 installation issues:
    How to troubleshoot Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installation issues

    However, Is it necessary to have both .NET 1.1 and 2.0

    Is that part of the problem?
    TwisterCentral, Nov 29, 2007
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  2. TwisterCentral

    Dave Horne Guest

    I'm not an expert here but I use Vista and had a problem with the latest
    Update for NET 1.1.
    I uninstalled it, the problem went away. Since I didn't know much, well,
    anything, about NET 1.1 I posted a question at
    microsoft.public.dotnet.framework and rec'd the following:

    Any applications which require the .NET framework should make it easy
    to get hold of - but as you're running Vista, you'll still have 3.0
    installed even if you've uninstalled 1.1. Having 1.1 installed can be
    useful very occasionally if you've got an app which has some
    compatibility issues with later versions of the framework - but such
    apps are *relatively* few and far between.

    Dave Horne, Nov 29, 2007
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  3. TwisterCentral

    MDINTL07 Guest

    I am having the exact problem and I have not found any reference or solution
    that pertains to me.
    MDINTL07, Nov 29, 2007
  4. TwisterCentral

    PA Bear Guest

    PA Bear, Nov 29, 2007
  5. TwisterCentral

    JimV Guest

    -I am having the same issue and tried the MS reccomended fix which did not
    fix the problem I am now going to try this as it seems to from the reply to
    JimV, Nov 29, 2007
  6. TwisterCentral

    nukemc Guest

    Yep, I'm having the same issue with XP SP2. I've e-mailed MSN and haven't
    gotten any reply yet. Judging by the number of posts from yesterday and
    today it appears there's an obvious issue with the software.
    nukemc, Nov 29, 2007
  7. TwisterCentral

    nukemc Guest

    Yup, me too with XP SP2, judging by the# of related posts it looks like
    there's an issue with the update, not us.
    nukemc, Nov 29, 2007
  8. TwisterCentral

    Lan101 Guest

    Lan101, Nov 30, 2007
  9. TwisterCentral

    infomanIH Guest

    I downloaded manually as well, and that worked. I am still curious
    about why Microsoft's automated update didn't work.
    infomanIH, Nov 30, 2007
  10. TwisterCentral

    Timmus Guest

    Hi Lan101
    I went nuts for two days with the same problem and your solution fixed it
    right away !
    Tks for making it easy by posting the precise link.
    Timmus, Dec 1, 2007
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