Low On Memory - How low can you go?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by hardy, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. hardy

    hardy Guest

    I had stayed away from these newsgroups after a friend described it as a
    Microsoft scheme to skirt supporting their products by appealing to the
    vanity of those who had completed MS certification programs and others who
    acquired some skills. He said at times though, it was the blind leading the
    blind. Of all these various boards I have visited, never has that last
    statement been more true than on this particular one. I recently fired up
    Windows Media Player 10 and like many others, I get a message without an
    error code advising me that I am running low on memory and need to shut down
    some applications whenever attempting to do practically anything at all with
    WMP. My quick scan of this board today revealed primarily terse comments
    complaining, "You haven't described enough about your problem to tell what's
    going on", yet I see screen after screen of people with similar complaints
    and those who have provided a copious amount of detail about their operating
    environments have not received much better answers (e.g., "You've probably
    got a virus, spyware or trojans on your system"). I have yet to encounter
    any really helpful advise regarding this situation from you MVPs, which is
    really sad since any dolt can quickly see an established pattern to these
    complaints. There's obviously an explanation for these problems, which from
    the dates of the postings seem to have been going on for a while. However,
    it seems doubtful that I shall find any answers here today. In answer to my
    own question regarding "How low can you go", I suppose lacking any better
    explanations we can all just blame "the Gang of Four" or some left over Y2K
    code that is still floating around.
    hardy, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. hardy

    Modem Ani Guest

    You really don't know anything about how usenet works, do you?

    Modem Ani
    Modem Ani, Mar 11, 2005
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  3. hardy

    hardy Guest

    Although you seemed to miss the bigger point regarding the support options
    Microsoft makes available to us, I suppose I need to consider your question a
    legitimate response to my posting. If by "usenet" you are referring to
    public forums where users can commiserate with one another while the blind
    attempt to lead the blind, you seem to imply that I don't know much about it.
    That may be, but I'm sure there's a site I can be referred to where those
    who are "Joe-in-the- Know", like yourself, can fully explain it to me. If
    you're lucky it will be a site where you won't have to pay Microsoft a fee
    for the privilege of demonstrating how much you know (or do not know) about
    hardy, Mar 11, 2005
  4. hardy

    hardy Guest

    Mike, I have to admit that based upon my comments and their tone, I deserved
    that! I would just like you to know first that yours was not one of the
    names I remember seeing having posted the responses to which I took
    exception, and second, my experience elsewhere in other topic areas has been
    quite favorable. I have found the MVP's who offered help to be very
    knowledgeable and often willing to spend extra time struggling with a
    intermittent or especially troublesome problem. I feel I should publicly
    apologize for my sarcasitic and cynical comments earlier, especially in light
    of the assistance I have obtained elsewhere on these boards and out of
    respect to those who provided that help. Actually, I'm rather surprised my
    message was even posted; I had assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that the purpose
    of the 5 minute delay after posting was for editing and "censoring". I may
    well have alienated you, but please know I am not saying these things now to
    kiss up in the hopes you will help solve my problem for me. I've gotten
    along quite well for years without WMP and am content to do without it. In
    fact, the only reason I fired it up recently was for some comparative testing
    I was doing on some hardware. In doing so, I encountered difficulties and I
    came here, not to teach or lead others, but to perhaps find some quick
    solutions. Instead, I found plenty of others with similar problems, but no
    real solutions or helpful advise, and this disappointed me. Take care.
    hardy, Mar 11, 2005
  5. hardy

    Modem Ani Guest

    I didn't come out of the womb knowing how to work Windows Media Player, and
    you won't find me at any Mensa conventions. I was able to learn what I know
    about software by adopting the right attitude.

    So take it from someone who's already tried it the wrong way and learned his
    lesson: To get smart, you have to act smart. Before long you'll be answering
    questions instead of asking them.

    Modem Ani
    Modem Ani, Mar 11, 2005
  6. hardy

    hardy Guest

    As an afterthought, I wanted to mention that I recognize that easy and quick
    solutions to problems are unfortunately not always available. Regardless of
    a person's knowledge and training, situations arise where one lacks an
    adequate response. It sometimes take a lot of time to discover the source of
    problems or develop solutions. In those situations, I always found it best
    to simply state, "I do not know". However, today I was really bothered
    when one person answered, "You have a virus, spyware or trojans on your
    system. You should really clean up your machine before you install any
    additional software". Based upon what that user had reported, this response
    was presumptuous, unwarranted, and actually I found it rather insulting. The
    other thing I would like to mention is that elsewhere on these boards it has
    been my experience that those responding to questions had [MVP] behind their
    signature. I notice that this is not always the case on this board. I do
    not know who these other do-gooders are or what qualifies them to respond to
    user questions, but I wanted to mention that some of the postings I found
    trite came from these sources.

    The omniscient one,
    hardy [SOB]
    hardy, Mar 11, 2005
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