LPT and com ports in Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Edmund, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Edmund

    Edmund Guest

    Where are they? Why can't I see the com ports in configuration/system ?
    I wanted to install a USB GPS mouse, it installed fine and the USB2
    serial prog installed too. I even see the virtual com port under system
    but the additional program to test the GPS mouse, doesn't find any COM
    port at all???
    In this program there is a window where a com port can be selected under
    win 95 win 98 XP NT but under Vista it is empty?

    Thanks for suggestions

    Edmund, Aug 19, 2008
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  2. Edmund

    Edmund Guest

    Thank you I will try that!

    Edmund, Aug 20, 2008
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