lsass.exe problem after installing XP SP2; boot loop

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by sluggo, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. sluggo

    sluggo Guest

    I have two machines running XP home edition. I updated one to SP2 about a
    month ago, saw that everything seemed okay, and so used the same file to
    update the second machine. On the first reboot after installing SP2 on the
    second machine, I got an error message right after the XP splash screen, but
    before the user login screen. The error message was:

    "lsass.exe - The data was too large to fit into the specified buffer"

    Clicking "OK" on this error window initiates a cold boot, so I'm stuck in a

    Booting to Safe Mode makes no difference. The same error message appears at
    the same time.

    Although this looks like a Sasser attack, I don't see how it could be. I've
    been behind a hardware firewall for several years, with no virus or worm
    problems. I patch at least once a month, and the Sasser patch is over 5
    months old. I run Symantec virus protection, and their latest tool to
    specifically remove Sasser code shows no virus on the disk (I moved the hard
    drive to the "clean" machine for scanning). Finally, the error symptoms and
    message are not common to any of the Sasser attacks I've read about.

    I'd prefer not to reformat the drive. Any tips from the pros on this one?
    sluggo, Sep 12, 2004
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  2. sluggo

    Etowahgirl Guest

    I received the same message ..file too large, etc. after installing SP2.
    Never had it before and the file was one picture so I don't think it was too
    large at all. I closed out the capture program and re-scanned the pix and
    that time it took the pix with no problem. I know this doesn't fix anything,
    but at least you know it's probably not a worm, just a glitch.
    Etowahgirl, Sep 12, 2004
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  3. sluggo

    sluggo Guest

    Thanks Etowahgirl - did your error message mention lsass.exe? If not, then I
    think we're talking about a different situation. You're able to boot the OS
    and do file operations, my machine is halting during the boot process.

    What disturbs me is that I never had any problems with this machine until I
    loaded SP2 onto it. This indicates that the problem may have something to do
    with changes introduced by SP2.

    What does lsass.exe do and what about it's operation has changed with the
    advent of SP2? I'm hesitant to reload the OS and then update to SP2 again
    unless I'm sure I won't just see this problem again.
    sluggo, Sep 12, 2004
  4. sluggo

    Buzz0 Guest

    lsass.exe is the file which supports IPSec (IP security feature). It
    authenticates, and encrypts all traffic in and out of your TCP/IP- based
    network. It is the "policy Agent" service. It is part of XP Pro. That's
    about all I know about it.
    Buzz0, Sep 17, 2004
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