LUNs mapped to mount points are much slower than mapped to Drive letters

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by bd, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. bd

    bd Guest


    Windows2003 sp1. iSCSI initiator 2.02. NetApp SnapDrive 4.1

    Each night we back up mapped snapshots from our NetApp Filers on a backup
    server. We had been mapping the LUNs to drive letters to do the backups,
    but we have so many now we have run out of letters. Instead, we started
    taking advantage of the ability in win2003 to map LUNs to mount points.

    However, we took a big performance hit for this. Throughput went from 86
    GB/hr to 51 GB/hr. Nothing else has changed. Switching back to drive
    letters boosts performance back to 86. Now our largest job is not finishing
    in the time window we have allocated. Anyone familiar with this issue? Why
    is performance with mount points so much worse than drive letters?
    bd, Dec 20, 2006
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