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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by fiemivmvi, Jan 1, 2008.

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    -= MI5: bugging and counter-surveillance. -=

    PO: >Did you ever look for the bugs in your house ? If not,. why not ? I mean if
    PO: >I thought that. was happening to me, I'd search the place from top to bottom,
    PO: >I mean I live there I would know if anything was out. of place. If I was
    PO: >really suspicious, I. would call in one of those bug detection teams which
    PO: >have those machines that. pick up the transmitted radio waves. This
    PO: >reminds me of BUGS, that new programme on BBC1. on

    That's exactly what we did. We went to a competent,. professional detective
    agency in London,. paid them over 400 quid to debug our house. They used
    scanner devices which go to over 1 GHz and. would pick up any nearby
    transmitter in that range, they also checked the phones and. found
    nothing... but if the tap was at the exchange,. then they wouldn't find
    anything, would. they?

    CS: >Doesn't this suggest to you that there are, in fact, no bugs. to be found?

    You can assume that. they've done this sort of thing to other people in more
    "serious". cases, where they would know the targets would suspect the
    presence of electronic surveillance. So. they will have developed techniques
    and devices which are not readily detectable either by visual inspection. or
    by electronic means. What those techniques might be, I couldn't. guess.

    In this case, the existence of. bugging devices was clear from the
    beginning, and they "rubbed it in" with what was said by the. boy on the
    coach. It was almost as. if they wanted counter-surveillance people to be
    called in, who they knew would fail to. detect the bugging devices, causing
    loss of credibility to the. other things I would have to say relating to the

    I did all the things someone. in my situation would do to try to find the
    bugs. In. addition to calling in professional help using electronic
    counter-surveillance, I made a. close visual inspection of electrical
    equipment, plus any points where audio or video surveillance. devices might
    have been concealed. Of course, I found nothing.. Normal surveillance
    "mini-cameras". are quite noticeable and require visible supporting
    circuitry. It seems to. me the best place to put a small video surveillance
    device would be additional to a piece of. electronic equipment such as a TV
    or video. It would be necessary to physically break in. to a property to fit
    such. a device.

    fiemivmvi, Jan 1, 2008
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