machine account authenticating to a SQL server as anonymous

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by Anthony LaMark, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Hi All,

    We have a customer who is using our application and is expiriencing a
    behavior we haven't seen in the field yet. Our application is a WMI Event
    Provider (so it is part of the WMI service which is running as the
    LocalSystem account) running on a Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edition)
    that needs to open an ODBC connection (using NT Authentication, NOT SQL
    authentication) to a SQL Server running on a different Server. In this
    setup, we have customers add the machine account as an SQL user and then
    within the specific database, have them give the machine account select,
    update and delete authority on the specific table we need access to and
    everything works great. Trouble at this particular customer is that on the
    SQL server, we see an anonymous user login instead of the machine account
    login (that we normally see). Does anyone have any theories as to why this
    is happening? Thank you very much for your valuable time.

    Anthony LaMark
    Anthony LaMark, Nov 4, 2004
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