Macromedia not integrating with IE7

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Edward W. Thompson, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Whenever 'Flash' is required when using IE7 I get a message saying it is not
    installed. However, when using Firefox, 'Flash' woks as intended. Is there
    anything I need to do to allow IE7 to detect and use 'Flash' when required?

    I have reinstalled 'Flash' several times without solving the problem.
    Edward W. Thompson, Dec 18, 2006
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  2. Try running FlashRepair:
    If still no joy, try uninstalling Adobe Flash Player:
    "How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control".
    Then reinstall Adobe Flash Player:

    Vincenzo Di Russo
    Microsoft® MVP - Most Valuable Professional
    Windows - Internet Explorer since 2003
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    Vincenzo Di Russo [MVP], Dec 18, 2006
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  3. Edward W. Thompson

    wcarlsen Guest

    When I ran Flash Repair per your note below, I received the following Windows
    error: RegSvr32 DllRegisterServer in
    c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\flash9b.ocx failed. Return code was:

    What can I do to resolve this error and ultimately get Flash Player to
    install and work with IE7? Thanks
    wcarlsen, Dec 31, 2006
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