Make a database available to only one user at at time?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by sweeneysmsm, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. sweeneysmsm

    sweeneysmsm Guest

    I am not a networking person. I design Access databases.

    My client wants two people to be able to use an Access database on a server
    (that has Groups and users assigned) but that only one person at a time can
    open it. I have told them that the recommended solution is to split the
    database into front-end and back-end but their network person doesn't want me
    to do this(?)... I can lock down records in tables, but not the database. Can
    the network administrator set usage to a single person at a time?
    sweeneysmsm, Jun 15, 2010
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  2. If you want only one to edit it at a time then *don't* split it. The 2nd,
    3rd, 4th person can only open it as "read-only". You cannot stop mulitple
    people from using it, can only stop multiple people from editing it.

    It you want multiple people to edit it then you *must* split it. It
    doesn't matter what the networking person wants or does not want,...things
    are what they are, and Access does not care about what he thinks.

    So your idea is backwards. Split = multiple editors Not Split = one
    editor, first come first server.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 15, 2010
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  3. No don'y split it then set the open rights to Exclusive only.
    russ yahoo account, Jun 15, 2010
  4. We are saying the same thing,...other than I didn't mention the Open Rights.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 16, 2010
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