Managed to completely confuse WU.

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Massimo Rosen, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    Here's a interesting way how to completely confuse WU:

    1. Install a fresh XP with SP2, and point it to a WSUS SP1 server, that
    has pretty much everything approved for XP, except SP3 yet. The GPO is
    configured to download patches, but notify (no automatic install).

    2. See how the WU client and MSI installer update themselfs. Reboot.

    3. After a short while, WU reports (via the tray icon), that there are
    90 Updates pending. Do *not* install them.

    4. Go to the WSUS server, and approve (and let it download) SP3.

    5. Let the whole thing sit for the night.

    6. Come in the next morning, and look at the XP machine. See the tray
    icon, and note how it's unresponsive. Unresponsive means, the icon is
    there, but when you click it, all that happens is that it vanishes from
    the tray for a few minutes, and then comes back, only to still behave
    exactly the same when you click it again.
    This is actually an issue I have seen *often* before on machines
    (servers mostly) that had been sitting around a long time with the tray
    notification, but haven't actually been patched. So obviously, when
    there's a significant change in the necessary patches (e.g a new patch
    tuesday gone by or the approval status for many patches chnaged), the
    wuau tray icon breaks.

    Check windowsupdate.log, and notice how according to the log, new
    updates, including the newly approved SP3, have indeed downloaded to the
    machine during the night.

    7. Stop the WUAU service, and start it again. *Now* it gets really
    interesting. After a few minutes, the tray icon reappears, and is
    actually responsive now. Good.
    It also says only 21 updates are needed now, which, assuming SP3 is
    included, would make sense. Open the WUAU client to check the list of
    offered updates, and notice very surprised, that SP3 is *not* listed
    amongst the 21 offered patches. Huh?

    Also, notice, very surprised, that SP3 does *not* exist in
    c:\windows\softwaredistribution anywhere, although (see above)
    WindowsUpdate.log says it had succesfully downloaded it during the
    night. In fact, the whole destination directory for SP3 stated in
    windowsupdate.log doesn't even exist, but there's also no trace of SP3
    anywhere else under softwaredistribution. Somehow, something must have
    deleted it, or it was never succesfully downloaded in the first place,
    which I highly doubt.

    Just FWIW, we're still talking about an absolutely *vanilla* Windows XP
    here, meaning there is *no* software installed besides windows XP
    itself, so don't even think some external process like AV or something
    caused this.

    8. Check on the WSUS server. It shows 23 patches (e.g two more) that
    this workstation has downloaded (but not installed), one of the two
    patches it shows in addition to the WS is indeed SP3.

    9. Thoroughly check WindowsUpdate.log again, after restarting the whole
    machine and force a detection. Notice that It reads "Found *22* updates
    and 36....", but the tray still only shows 21 updates. So now we have
    three different values. The WUAU client lists 21 patches, the
    WindowsUpdate.log says it's 22, and the WSUS Server says it's 23.

    Massimo Rosen, Jul 24, 2008
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