Mangling of Secretary, houseIdentifier, and labeledURI Attributes

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by SteveTheMusicMan, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Here is my next question on promoting a windows 2003 server to a domain

    Microsoft talks about I’ve looked
    all over the 4 DC’s we already have and there is not any reference to the
    possible Mangled attributes that may occur in Windows 2000 and Windows Server
    2003 forests if Exchange 2000 creates the initial definition of the
    Secretary, the houseIdentifier, and the labeledURI attributes in a Windows
    2000 domain.

    I’ve ran ADSI edit on all domains (our ntserver1 is our master DC. I found
    this out by running netdom query fsmo on each DC and they all pointed to
    ntserver1). Within ADSI edit I looked for all occurrences of Secretary, the
    houseIdentifier, and the labeledURI and cannot see anything listed for these.
    Am I looking in the right place?

    If these aren’t even listed can I assume that the do not exist? If they do
    not exist that am I correct that the running adprep /forestprep and adprep
    /domainprep will not cause any mangling of the above attributes?

    The Microsoft documentation leaves a little to be desired and of course at
    my age reading is getting harder and harder ïŠ

    Any suggestions, ideas etc will be greatly appreciated.


    Steve Lewis
    SteveTheMusicMan, Sep 3, 2008
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