Manually Configure "Album Art"-Files (Thumbnails).

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Wonderwuzi2000, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. After installing Windows XP MCE 2004, i saw that the Media Player is
    able to find the corrresponding Album Cover to some of my allready
    existing MP3-Files.

    Now, for what reason ever, my collection of mp3´s is not organized in
    folders with the artists name or the album tiltle - they are all
    found in folders for different music styles (like Pop, Rock ....)

    My Questions are: Can the Media Player be forced to discover more
    album covers (and what informations have to be stored inside the MP3
    to allow this)?

    Also i saw, that when the Windows Media Player generates Album Art
    Files they are all followed by a couple of numbers (GUID ?).
    Is there a way to find wich GUID is corresponding with a certailn
    MP3-File ? And will this combination the same - even on a different
    PC for a different user account ?

    Thank you in advance !!!

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    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Wonderwuzi2000, Nov 15, 2003
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