Mapped drives show disconnected when users log off and log on

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Gentian, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Gentian

    Gentian Guest

    Mapped drives show disconnected when users log off and log on and the
    sessions do not disconnect.

    Hi everyone,

    I have been having this strange problem for a while now and do not have any
    idea what to do anymore.
    We have a small network with an Windows 2003 SP1 domain controller and
    Windows XP SP2 clients which connect to the server through wireless network
    (Linksys Wireless G Routers and Dell wireless cards).

    I created roaming profile for all the users but since the wireless would
    disconnect once in a while and they would loose their roaming profiles I
    reversed it and made sure, desktop, application data, My Documents were all

    I have a vbs logon script which maps drives according to what groups the
    user belongs.

    Initially I had the home folder mapped by windows, under the profile
    “Connect toâ€.

    Then when I installed Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10 with the
    server on the domain controller and the clients on users computers the home
    drive was not being mapped anymore, I don’t know why but my quick solution
    was to stop using the profile and use the vbs script to do this job.

    It worked. After a few days I noticed that some users were having the mapped
    drives disconnected.

    I did some research and found several suggestions and tried them:

    Turned off autodisconnect feature on the server and clients

    Changed the local policies of the computers forcing them to wait for the
    network at the logon.

    Changed the keepalive interval for TCP/IP connections on the clients.

    Checked if the network card had some power managements but they did not have

    Changed the sorting of the DNS and put the domain controller as first DNS
    server in both the server and clients . ( DHCP is handled by the Linksys

    I have enabled “Enforce User logon restrictions†under Computer
    Configuration/Windows Settings / Security Settings /Account Policies
    /Kerberos Policies.

    I also added a logoff script to make sure the drives were disconnected at

    I have tried so many things but none of them have worked.

    I added another computer (new one) recently and there is no problem at all
    there. That computer was not configured for folder redirection and does not
    have the Symantec client installed yet.

    What I noticed is that on the server on Computer Management (Local) /Shared
    folders /Sessions when the users login to the new computer they have a new
    sessions starting. But when two users (Jack and Darren) log on to another
    computer they have two session starting, one is with the name of the computer
    and the other one is with the name of the user. At the new computer once a
    user logs off the session is disconnected but at the old one, the session
    remains connected even after they log off. I have this problem when this two
    old users that used to have folder redirection (roaming profile). Now at the
    same computer they work ok only when they reboot but at the first log off
    everything is screwed.

    If I use two new test users at the old computer they do not have any problem
    like this at all.

    I believe something from old profiles is messing things up even though I
    enforced the policy to not allow nothing but local profiles. Maybe something
    has remained in user objects but what ?

    Any suggestion is welcomed.

    Thank you
    Gentian, Aug 31, 2005
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