Mark Conrad-the lying, cheating fradulent troll who is backpedalling for all his life!

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  1. andy t

    andy t Guest

    "Mark Conrad" has serious issues with his backpedalling and an obvious need
    to put the record straight. In his mind that is. Because now he has been
    found out, he realises he needs to do something drastically to save face.
    Sadly it is too late. The horse has already bolted as they say.

    You see this is what happens to trolls when they get caught red-handed
    cheating and lying on the WWW for everybody to plainly see.

    They try desperately to blab their way out of it as this one above is doing
    to deflect the truth away from the real lies actually undertaken by him.
    Because he has been caught out, hook, line and sinker for everybody on the
    WWW to see.

    Now, he is insinuating that everybody in this newsgroup is stupid when it is
    plain as day by looking back on Troll Conrad's posts that they are in fact a
    pack of lies and anybody reading them can see this quite clearly. He so
    desperately wants you to believe he is not lying because he realises what
    utter nonsense, lying and cheating he has actually undertaken. It is now
    suddenly dawned on him what a fool he has made himself look.

    For anybody and budding psychologists You can definitely see a pattern and
    that I have hit a nerve here. For his need to try and backpedal by
    repeatedly in rabid fashion say that what he posted in black and white on
    the WWW were not actual lies. So his constant rabid babbling in trying to
    blame somebody else and trying to deflect his own lies on to somebody else
    in a desperate bid that you will eventually believe that he was not lying.
    He has not got the sense to realise that everybody can see that he is, now
    that he has been caught out red-handed and the writing is on the wall for
    everybody to see here on the WWW in this news group.

    There he goes again ranting about lies. It is obviously bothering him and
    has got to him because as you and any psychologist can see, the constant
    babblings over his worries and guilt about being caught out show classic
    signs here.

    More constant babblings about lies. More proof to anybody that his own guilt
    is showing about his own real lies, cheating and bullshit as shown on the
    WWW here in this news group. Everybody can see for themselves in his own
    words, context and black and white.

    His constant stuttering, repeated phrases about lies above are the obvious,
    classic symptoms of the beginnings of a nervous breakdown. His above
    repetitiveness does not need an expert psychologist to explain. I think we
    all get the picture ;-).

    Now he is in effect, calling all of us insane because as we all know now, I
    am telling the truth and have exposed him with his lying cheating posts on
    the WWW for everybody to see in black and white. This is a classic example
    of somebody insane themselves expressing their opinion that everybody else
    is insane.

    If you read between the lines, it is so obvious that he is. He masquerades
    as a member of the medical profession in a Microsoft forum promoting the
    most expensive version of Nuance's Dragon software that being 'Dragon
    Medical' at $1600 a whack. But don't be fooled by this. He then mentions he
    has every other version of the software and tries to promote that as well.
    If that isn't an ulterior motive, then I don't know what is.

    Then at every opportunity, he tries to put down WSR in a Microsoft forum
    because he is afraid of something. Um, I wonder what that could be.

    No, he did more than imply, he actually wanted you to believe that he did
    dictate that. This is him trying to backpedal again. Look below and judge

    Under Mark Conrad's thread heading - '836 wpm with 100% accuracy, "typing
    speed test" '

    Quote- "836 wpm, my dictation speed with 100% accuracy,
    according to Andy's test site below:

    The results there are posted under my name
    of Mark Conrad.

    Now perhaps Andy will stop lying about me
    being afraid to run that speed test,
    at a site he himself selected." -End quote

    Here he is quite clearly trying to pull the wool over everybody's eyes by
    mentioning he has taken the test legitimately and clearly leading us to the
    conclusion that he has dictated 836 wpm with 100% accuracy.

    Later, in the same thread when I and a few other posters catch him out for
    cheating, he quickly tries to backpedal and say he never said such a thing.

    The site itself does everything for you. The test document for you to type
    or dictate, is already there and contains ordinary English words you may
    find in any normal dictionary along with punctuation and capitalisation. The
    site also timed you itself for one minute so you do not even have to perform
    this function.

    Here is the link:

    He cheated in fact. All he did was copy and paste the test document into the
    typing or dictating window several times over, instead of dictating it. And
    THEN as shown above, he has the audacity to say now perhaps Andy will stop
    lying about me being afraid to run that speed test, at a site he himself

    He still has not taken that test again legitimately without cheating to this
    day and signed his name to it, as I have done. If he did, this would then
    prove once and for all if he could dictate in the 300s and be 100% accurate.
    He won't of course and even if he did, who would believe him anyway because
    we now know all he can do is cheat.

    No Mark, it does not work that way. Dictating is a completely SEPARATE task
    to copying and pasting.

    Another Troll Conrad post under the same thread heading

    Quote- "When that typing test site bestowed their highest
    possible honor upon me <blush> by publishing
    THEIR expertly calculated speed of my dictation,
    namely 836 wpm with NO mistakes, then you
    disowned their expert calculations of
    how much I was able to dictate in 60 seconds."

    You see, Andy, when they are dealing with very fast
    people like me, 836 wpm, they realize that my
    superior speed and intellect makes it EASY for me
    to figure out what to do if I reach the end of their
    test text, before the 60 seconds expires.

    When I reach the end of the test text, I merely continue
    starting from the beginning of the same test text."

    The poor stupid thing actually believes that
    a test DESIGNED FOR TYPISTS can be applied
    to measuring Speech Recognition "Words Per Minute",
    as in "836 wpm-End quote

    Below is Troll Conrad trying to backpedal from his claims. In the same

    Quote- "I never said I could do any such thing, it is just another one
    of your many lies about me, like the time you posted that I
    supposedly said I could dictate at 600 wpm.
    You never did apologize to me about that 600 wpm lie, so I
    do not expect you to apologize about this newer lie of yours,
    namely claiming that I posted that I could dictate at 836 wpm" -End Quote

    If you read the complete thread, you will see it is not a lie. It is all
    there in his own words, in context and black and white. The poor sod has
    dementia and forgets what he posts!

    You will notice above in his last paragraph above, he is asking me to
    apologise about the 600 wpm lie. Now look Under Conrad's thread title

    This is Conrad's own words in the first post, in context and in black and

    Quote- Back on subject, the 600 wpm issue

    Recently I dictated some test words at 307.2 wpm,
    with my usual 100% raw accuracy,

    With practice, I _know_ I could get it up to 320 wpm.

    Now my computer is not particularly fast, with a really
    fast computer, it is quite conceivable that 600 wpm
    could easily be handled by Dragon, provided you could
    speak that fast. (a few people can)

    ....with 100% text accuracy," -End Quote

    There you have it folks, Conrad quite clearly boasting he can dictate words
    in the 300s in one minute AND get 100% accuracy with Dragon. CLEARLY A LIE

    Below that, he is quite clearly saying and I quote: it is quite conceivable
    that 600 wpm could easily be handled by Dragon, provided you could speak
    that fast. (a few people can) with 100% text accuracy.

    Conceivable (adjective) believable: possible to imagine, understand or

    Quite clearly, he must have been off his head when he wrote that. Two lies
    there back to back.

    First lie. He is saying it is quite believable that Dragon could handle 600
    words per minute.

    Second lie. He is saying that 600 words per minute could not only be
    handled by Dragon, but also would come out on screen with 100% text
    accuracy. (I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions on those).

    He also says, "a few people can". Meaning some people can speak 600 wpm.

    He is referring to the fastest talking woman in the world. A lady by the
    name of 'Fran Capo' who is in the Guinness book of records. She can speak
    just over 600 wpm.

    Unfortunately, to the human ear, what she is saying sounds like gobbledygook
    and you would not be able to understand it. Nor would Dragon. It will not be
    able to interpret her words as normal words and put them on the computer
    screen as normal words and as for accuracy, forget it! There won't be any.

    What they were using to check her words for accuracy was a much more
    sophisticated, specialised machine called a 'Lexicon Compressor', NOT DRAGON

    For concrete proof to all what I have put above, look at the first link
    below. She herself explains the machine I mention above, they used to test
    her. For time, i.e. the minute, they use an 'Olympic Timer'. She mentions
    that too.

    The second link actually shows her taking the test. Now when you look at
    this, if you can understand anything she says while taking this test, then
    you are a better man than I.

    Considering you have to speak CLEARLY AND CONCISELY for DNS to have ANY
    chance of putting your words to screen accurately, as Dragon they and indeed
    WSR advise in their own tutorials. Well, after you have watched both of
    them, you can then draw your own conclusions.

    I for one know that Dragon would have NO CHANCE. Conrad obviously thinks by
    his own remarks above that Dragon would not only understand her, but also
    bring out 100% text accuracy at that speed. As I have said before and I
    stand by it now, Troll Conrad lives in a fantasyland along with Snow White
    and Mary Poppins!

    A machine called a 'Lexicon Compressor', Fran Capo

    The actual test, Fran Capo

    Another lie by Troll Conrad twisting my words because he has been found out
    on the WWW as a lying cheating fraudulent Troll. Those words above I have
    never ever put down anywhere. I defy anybody to find ANY of my posts where
    I have stated those words in that context.

    If you look under the thread title that Troll Conrad started:

    You will see what I actually did say all in context about the two apps.

    What I have said is, that both speech apps have their advantages and
    disadvantages over each other and that is why I use both speech apps. I have
    even admitted that Dragon is slightly more accurate than WSR on the
    dictation side but much much slower on the command side than WSR.

    I have even listed out in some of my posts, some of the other advantages and
    disadvantages in great detail for everybody to see. Anybody can easily check
    this out by typing in Troll Conrad's thread title above.

    That is a completely and totally different statement to that of Troll
    Conrad's above.

    Below, is an excerpt from one of the posts in that thread where I pose a
    level headed, sensible question and Troll Conrad is stumped for answers
    (because he has none) and so he thinks up something else (which doesn't hold
    up his argument anyway) which is totally irrelevant to my original question

    My question is within the arrows and his answer is within quotation marks.

    "Oh yes indeed", but keep in mind that our toy computers
    can easily become overwhelmed with too many apps,
    even if those apps are on standby."

    Basically, by saying "Oh yes indeed", he is agreeing with me but then tries
    to deflect it with another follow-on statement that is totally irrelevant
    and does not hold water anyway. This makes me further suspicious that he is
    a salesperson from Nuance. Because even if you give him a perfectly,
    sensible, commonsense argument and one he cannot possibly refute, he will go
    out of his way to drag up some meaningless incorrect statement on a
    completely different subject. Just so he can show WSR in a bad light.

    Again, I never ever said that either. Once again you can check this quite
    easily. Tsk tsk Mark, is that the best you can do to win an argument and
    maul my words? Pitiful.

    What I did say and you can check this too in the same thread title as shown
    below: it's a long thread, but it's there somewhere.

    That is; I actually admitted the 'Reviewer' or 'Document Scanning Feature'
    as Troll Conrad miss-informs everybody that it is called, does not work in
    the base of 'speech properties' in the WSR integrated program that comes
    with the operating system itself.

    That is why a separate software package called the WSR toolkit was brought
    on to the market for a miserly $15.99 for improving accuracy with dictation
    and be able to make text and command macros within WSR. It does not contain
    and I have never said it has a 'reviewer' within it. What I have said is
    there are other features that work differently to a reviewer and when these
    features are used in conjunction with each other, will improve your accuracy
    for dictation up to 98 to 99%.

    It is all there in that thread somewhere in black and white.

    It has seven features actually, all of which I have explained about in the
    same thread. All of which will improve accuracy and enable you to make text
    and command macros. I have never ever said there is a reviewer in it though.
    It works differently to what 'Dragon's Accuracy Center' does. He thinks it
    works the same and that there is a reviewer within it. Further proof of him
    pissing in the wind and guessing because he does not have the software.

    Troll Conrad is still using the reviewer within the base application of WSR
    itself. The one that I admitted did not work. He keeps feeding papers
    through it in the hope that one day it will work. But it won't. That's how
    insane he is.

    He was offered a free copy of the WSR toolkit software to try, because he
    has not got one. He refused it and still keeps bleating on about a reviewer
    that does not exist, not working. So you must ask yourself two things here.
    How would he know if the WSR toolkit works or not, improves accuracy or not,
    if he does not own a copy? Secondly, by refusing a free copy, yes a FREE
    copy of the software, what does that tell you? It tells me he is afraid to
    try it because he knows it will work as it does for me.

    This brings me even further to the conclusion that he is a salesman from
    Nuance because he needs to complain about the competition and so he picks on
    something like that, he knows does not work and has been told this, yet he
    still complains about it. Any excuse to put the competition down.

    Another Troll Conrad lie because a typist test is EXACTLY the right way to
    compare a like-for-like comparison with dictation as an accurate way to
    determining your speed in wpm. This, you can also read about in that thread

    A normal typist test is compared as a like-for-like comparison with
    dictation speed. It is the ONLY way to compare accurately, dictation speed.
    What else have they got to compare it with? To this day Troll Conrad has not
    produced a shred of proof to the contrary. As I've also said many times in
    that thread and others, even his own company compares like-for-like
    dictation speed with a typist. Here is the proof below. Troll Conrad has no
    proof as usual. Like all his wild claims, he makes it up as he goes along.

    The reason he is saying that above, is because he cannot prove his
    ridiculous claims of wpm counts. Also because he got found out cheating on
    the typing/dictation speed test which he has since refused to take
    legitimately because he knows he will get nowhere near his bullshit word
    counts that he just copies and pastes and then says it is 100% accurate.

    Another lie by Troll Conrad. I am not destructive. I am usually but meek and
    mild but I am no shrinking violet either. I do not seek to antagonise or
    defame anybody; I only retaliate to those who do. Troll Conrad is in that

    I feel I have done a good job and justice has been done in exposing this
    Troll and all his wild claims and bullshit that he posts. Just because he
    has an inferiority complex and an extreme need to feel important. Anybody
    can look back on his posts and see his ridiculous boastful, conceited claims
    are nothing but fantasy and in his sad little head.

    Well as you can see, this thread is not exactly *brimming* with answers
    about speech recognition is it? In fact, if it were not for me correcting
    the bullshit in the threads that his starts in here, he would have very few.

    Indeed, I have noticed a few MVP's point out to him that his advertising and
    off topic nonsense is irrelevant in this newsgroup and his answers have been
    downright rude to them. You can see what I mean by reading through the
    following thread started by Troll Conrad and titled as shown below:

    "Re: Nuance (Dragon) acquires MacSpeech"

    He fails to realise that speech recognition is a marginal technology and
    that he would be better suited to go in a specialised news group that deals
    with this subject. There is even one in these news groups. It is called
    "microsoft.public.speech.desktop" and there are specialist Websites such as
    the KnowBrainer and MSSpeech Forums for example.

    The reason he will not go in and join useful Websites like these? Because
    inside there are REAL EXPERTS. So straight away, his overwhelming need to
    feel important and superior would be lost and they would not fall for his
    silly, little, copying and pasting tests that he passes off for dictation in
    there. Where they would, spot a bullshitting, lying, cheating Troll a mile

    On top of that, he comes up with little gems now and again as this one below
    where he actually believes that 'tutu' is a homophone of 'to', 'too' or

    "Alphabetical order of these four homophones is
    to too two tutu."

    The sad deluded poor soul. Perhaps one should feel pity on one who cheats on
    the WWW, gets caught red-handed for everybody on the Web to see. Then has
    the front to come back in because he has forgotten that he ever posted it.

    Either that, or this is a desperate attempt to backpedal and seek
    forgiveness for his obvious bullshitting, cheating lies on the WWW for
    everybody to see. In his own words, in his own context and in black and

    Tsk tsk. How low will this troll stoop to? I ask myself. ;-)

    andy t
    andy t, Mar 2, 2010
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