Mark Conrad, The Real Illiterate Imbecile.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by andy t, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. andy  t

    andy t Guest

    I give you more evidence, of how far from reality Mark Conrad is! Imbecile!

    Firstly, Mark Conrad is not his real name, it is a made up name because it
    makes him feel sexy and because he hides behind it!

    This is just some of of his bullshit!
    Trying to backtrack above and the slippery eel tries to wriggle out of
    another of his lies but it has backfired on him!
    <SNIP THE REST OF THE BULLSHIT!> Who are you trying to kid?

    This is a sad individual, vigorously trying to justify and wriggle out of a
    statement he produced on screen, which he got hopelessly wrong and STILL he
    has not proven what the definition of a list is.

    In his idea of what he thinks the definition of a list is, he tries to lie
    himself out of a situation with a bunch of his explanations, ridiculously
    lengthy, but still does not prove anything and are utterly untrue!

    Stop trying to backtrack Mr. Slippery, your LIES do not fool anyone and you
    got it wrong!

    There is your proof below!

    List: noun - A series of related words, names, numbers or other items that
    are arranged in order, ONE AFTER THE OTHER

    List: transitive verb - To arrange a series of related words, names, numbers
    or other items that are arranged in order, ONE AFTER THE OTHER

    You posted this all by yourself, meaning; this is your own quote, meaning;
    this is what you thought the definition of a list meant!

    Now you show me the URL where it says the wording you posted above between
    the two asterisks, regarding the definition of the word 'list'.

    Consecutively, yes, but that does not necessarily mean typically one below
    the other.

    Now go back to school, you slippery, illiterate old fool! Who are you
    trying to fool Mark Conman.

    More bull shit lies trying to backtrack Mr. Slippery, on something you
    posted below:
    In your post above, it is plain for everyone to see, you are implying that
    'Dragon NaturallySpeaking can keep up with a fast talker speaking at 603
    wpm', like in the video clip you posted AND THEN TRIED TO BACKTRACK WITH

    What a dumb individual you are!

    Another load of bullshit and lies below, from one of your old posts!
    288 wpm - 384 wpm (UTTER BULLSHIT AND TOTAL LIES). PROVE IT! - You can't

    In another one of his old posts and lies below, he tries to be clever and
    describes for everybody to see, what he thinks the meaning of 'Déjà vu' is.
    He gets it totally wrong and I correct him as to the correct meaning of that

    In a follow-up post of his, he backtracks and actually has the audacity to
    say he was just keeping me on my toes as if to say he knew the answer all
    along but was just testing me. Another pack of LIES AND BULLSHIT. Who are
    you trying to con?
    That was him making a fool of himself trying to be clever.

    This was my answer putting him right, which I have done many times but I
    refuse to nursemaid the illiterate cretin, anymore.
    That's just a few of your BULLSHIT LIES! To list the rest would take
    another day!

    I refuse to listen to any more of your BULLSHIT LIES!


    Bye loser!
    andy t, Oct 2, 2009
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  2. Hey Fuckwit - Do you understand that you are not suppose to put your message
    in the Subject line? Just FYI. Is that way over your mentally challenged
    head? Just FYI.

    You want this posted in the XP group? Why the **** for? I am using Windows
    7 RTM you fuckwit.

    Just FYI

    Just FYI

    Just FYI
    Spanky de Monkey, ESQ, Oct 3, 2009
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