Mark Conrad trying to use his excuse for one "alleged" lie for all the rest of his other lies

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by andy t, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. andy t

    andy t Guest

    "Mark Conrad" the troll with an inferiority complex trying to put
    smokescreens up to deflect everything away from his obvious lying

    I have also read through that thread. If you also read what Chucker mentions
    as a stockholder, he seems to think it highly unlikely that Microsoft would
    be able to take it over.

    Here is a snippet of Chucker's post.

    Third, Microsoft couldn't take it over because the SEC wouldn't approve it.
    Microsoft is still under antitrust scrutiny and taking over Nuance would not
    be a good move because it would simply eliminate all the competition. In
    addition, Nuance has recently acquired Voxforge and eCopy. Apple & Google
    might be interested, but my suspicion is that any takeover would be hostile.
    Besides, the current going stock price for Nuance is still two dollars lower
    than the stock price was two months ago. There is no reason why Nuance
    would go willingly. At this point I think it's just a lot of horse pucky.
    It could very well be that the rumor was started purely for the purpose of
    raising stock prices. Nevertheless, I agree that it will be interesting to
    see how this pans out. The only problem is that whatever happens doesn't
    bode well for Dragon for a lot of reasons, primarily mass Exodus of some of
    the best speech recognition developers in the business. That's what
    happened when L&H acquired Dragon Systems, and again when ScanSoft acquired
    the L&H assets.

    If by some strange chance Microsoft do take it over, think of the endless
    possibilities with what they could do to WSR ;-).

    You would probably then find somewhere else to complain about because of the
    type of Troll you are.

    "Lies"? Notice he puts the 'plural' on lies so as to try and deflect the
    rest of all the OTHER LIES away. If that ONE ASPECT is a lie (which I doubt)
    What about the other 34 which I have proved Mr lying cheating fraudulent

    Everybody knows you just copy and paste everything and then say you
    dictating it with 100% accuracy. This is just to ease your
    self-consciousness and inferiority complex and the need to feel important
    when in reality, you are quite sad :-(

    Yep, I have definitely hit a nerve there because of his persistent harping
    on about not being a salesman of Nuance. Anyone and everyone and as any
    aspiring psychologist would say: I can see a clear pattern here ;-).

    1. I dictated the test document in the typing/dictation speed test. (He
    actually copied and pasted it several times over)

    2. It is conceivable that Dragon would be able to interpret somebody
    properly, speaking at 600 wpm.

    3. It is conceivable that Dragon would be able to interpret somebody
    properly, speaking at 600 wpm AND be a 100% accurate.

    4. I can dictate 836 wpm

    5. I can dictate 836 wpm with 100% accuracy

    6. I reckon I could dictate 320 wpm

    7. I reckon I could dictate 320 wpm with 100% accuracy using Dragon

    8. I can dictate 307.2 wpm

    9. I can dictate 307.2 wpm with 100% accuracy using Dragon

    10. I can dictate 260 wpm

    11. I can dictate 260 wpm with 100% accuracy using Dragon

    12. I can dictate 200 wpm

    13. I can dictate 200 wpm with 100% accuracy using Dragon

    14. I can dictate 150 wpm with 100% accuracy every time using Dragon.

    15. I do not copy and paste my sample test documents that I put in this
    newsgroup for all the WWW to see.

    16. A typist speed test cannot be compared or measured to dictation speed in

    17. I know how the WSR toolkit would perform when used in conjunction with
    WSR, even though I do not own a copy of the software.

    18. The WSR toolkit has to have a reviewer in it to enhance accuracy. All of
    the other features within it will not perform this function.

    19. WSR is crap.

    20. I am not a liar.

    21. I am not a cheat.

    22. I am not a bullshitter.

    23. I am not a fraudulent troll

    24. I am an expert in the field of speech recognition.

    25. I know what a homonym is.

    26. I know what a homophone is.

    27. Spelling correctly is not important.

    28. I am not a salesman promoting Dragon in this news group

    29. Tutu is a homonym of to, too and two.

    30. Tutu is a homophone of to, too and two.

    31. The words to, too and two do not come out spelt correctly when used in
    context dictating with Dragon and WSR.

    32. I was only trying to ridicule Andy regarding the 836 wpm speed dictation
    test scenario

    33. I do not make up my own rules regarding speech dictation speed and

    34. I do not backpedal.

    35. The new 'Show Numbers' software for Dragon is better than the WSR

    andy t
    andy t, Mar 11, 2010
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