Maximum Recommended Number of Files in a Folder - NTFS??

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Brent Ward, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Brent Ward

    Brent Ward Guest

    I have situation that I could use a little knowledge from someone
    out there. My company stores faxes (applications, signed contracts,
    etc.) as .tif images on a file share that employees access on a
    regular basis. There are currently 1.3 million files within a single
    folder, over 200 gb. Backup to tape (Maxtor Hard drive, currently
    lookng at new tape solution), takes around 20 hours, which is way too
    long and cuts into business day. Can't browse it in
    explorer........can't do a dir from command prompt......both lock the
    machine. Microsoft says in theory that an unlimited number of files
    can be in one folder. However, they are now calling more than 300,000
    in one folder "very large."
    I have heard that MS was recommending no more than 100,000 in a
    folder, and 250,000 at the most, but I haven't seen any paper about
    that yet. Everything I read talks about the theoreical limits of
    File access for users on the system is no problem......the app
    that they use talks to a SQL database with a pointer to the specific
    file name. So if you know specifically what you're looking for,
    there's no real problem. Read access of the disk is not as much of a
    concern for me, because the users can get to a specific file with no
    problem. During the peak of our business day, when alot of writing of
    new files is going on, it does affect the users being able to bring up
    files, often times this subsystem will lock down and reboot is
    sometimes necessary. The two areas I see problems with is in writing
    to disk and backup.
    I'm planning on disabling 8.3 short file name creation, cause
    it's just plain unecessary, because there are 50,000 files that start
    with CONTRACT, or 50,000 files that start with APPLICATION, for
    example. I have a couple of questions though.

    1. If I disable short file name creation, I know how to disable it,
    but where do I disable it? The application that the users view the
    documents through creates the file name, but am I correct in that the
    volume where the file is being written to handles the short file name
    creation? So I would only have to disable it on that server.

    2. Is there documentation out there about some real numbers
    concerning how many files are recommended maximum per folder on an
    NTFS partition?

    3. Also, what about cluster size? Does it make a big difference?

    Does this make sense? My position requires me to be a Jack of all
    trades, and Master of none, so maybe somebody out there has a word of
    wisdom. Thanks

    Brent Ward
    Brent Ward, Aug 5, 2005
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