Maybe KB913670 Doesn't Exist?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Ben Dover, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Guest

    Like (apparently) thousands of others, I also get a failure message when
    trying to
    allow MS Update to download/install KB913670.

    I tried clicking on "Use Administrator Options" followed by
    "Search the Microsoft Download Center", then searched "All Downloads" for
    KB913670. NOTHING! It ain't there, folks!

    Usually, when MS notifies me of an update, I download it separately using the
    above links so that I can save the update for use later if I need to rebuild
    system, or if I restore it from a month-old image. This is the first time
    such an
    attempt has failed to find ANY reference to KB913670.

    Hey, Microsoft!! Could this be a CLUE???
    Ben Dover, Jun 29, 2006
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  2. Ben Dover

    TaurArian Guest

    TaurArian, Jun 29, 2006
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  3. Ben Dover

    Unk Guest

    It fails because you're missing the C:\Windows\$NtUninstallKB912475$ folder.
    Be patient, someone has it, and will hopefully make it available.
    Unk, Jun 29, 2006
  4. Ben Dover

    siemens Guest

    Cat Tractor,

    Run regedit (START > RUN type regedit)
    Find KB912475 (EDIT > FIND type KB912475)
    Delete (EDIT > DELETE)
    Repeat for all references to KB912475
    Download the original KB912475 update and install it again.

    Run the KB913670 update (START > All Programs > MicroSoft Update).

    This should Install KB913670 to remove KB912475. If not, then write an
    e-mail to Bill.

    What a bloody joke!

    Bee Speerdot

    siemens, Jul 2, 2006
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