MBP 17 inch Problems with Windows Vista, and BF 2142

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by HeavySausage, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. HeavySausage

    HeavySausage Guest


    So I just have 2 little issues that bug the **** out of me.

    So my first issue is the microphone. If I go to close the lid of the MBP, I
    get feedback from the speakers, and microphone. Even though I have the
    microphone on mute for Vista, it doesn't mute the microphone all the way.

    If I Hook up a headphone to the output jack I can close the lid since it
    disables the MBP speakers.. But all my tapping and grunting can be heard via
    the heaphones.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix? Or why the **** Vista isn't muting the
    device properly?

    Now my other issue is Battlefield 2142.

    I can get it running only when I have a External monitor plugged into the
    MBP, and the Lid is closed.

    If I try to run Battlefield 2142 without a external monitor, and using the
    Display of the MBP, it crashes.. I have tried a ton of different Resolutions,
    and it is always the same story each time.

    If anyone else has had these issues, and has found a solution, please share.


    Thank you!
    HeavySausage, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. HeavySausage

    elmofan Guest

    I have a game that I have had for a while, but, I just recently got a new
    laptop pc & I am using Windows Vista, but, I can't get 1 of my old games that
    I had on my other pc to work. It was a desktop pc by the way. It's on this
    pc, but, won't run/work. It says Macromedia Projector has stopped working.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks. My email address is
    Thanks, AGAIN!
    elmofan, Jul 18, 2007
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  3. HeavySausage

    HeavySausage Guest

    Why don't you create a new thread for your issue. This thread is for my issue.

    HeavySausage, Jul 19, 2007
  4. HeavySausage

    Andy Guest

    First Question, What's an MBP? Acronyms are ok if you spell out the acronym
    at least once in your post. :)

    Mother Board Processor? Main Bus Port? Mom's Bi-Polar? Monday, Burnt Pears?

    You say close the lid, and your subject says MBP 17 inch, so is the MPB a
    monitor or something? What program are you using your microphone with? My
    mic has a mute button in-line, but I use Team Speak set to "Press to talk"
    mode since I don't want people listening when I start yacking to myself.
    Sorry never heard of this, update game, download latest drivers for your
    video card (http://www.guru3d.com) and if all else fails contact
    http://support.ea.com for assistance.

    Good luck,
    Andy, Jul 20, 2007
  5. HeavySausage

    HeavySausage Guest

    MBP is a MAC BOOK PRO. From apple computers.

    HeavySausage, Jul 21, 2007
  6. HeavySausage

    Andy Guest

    Haha, thanks Sausage. I usually just say Mac, and I know it's from Apple
    Computers, don't have to rub my nose in it. (Removed line that whould surely
    get a rise out of HS)

    Does Vista unmute the mic when it's trying to sleep? Will have to test that,
    but it wouldn't be unheard of in which case you may be SOL unless Microsoft
    puts in a fix of some kind.

    Andy, Jul 23, 2007
  7. HeavySausage

    HeavySausage Guest

    Hey Andy.

    Vista never mutes the mic.. Even when it is in sleep mode. If I close the I
    get crazy feedback. Even with the properties muted, the mic never mutes. heh
    HeavySausage, Jul 23, 2007
  8. HeavySausage

    Joan Guest

    Hi, I was just wondering if you found a solution, as I have the same problem.


    EggHeadCafe.com - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Joan, Aug 4, 2007
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