MCE 2005 Roll 2 - locking up on a regular basis

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by CLM, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. CLM

    CLM Guest

    I built a MCE PC utilizing a Dell Precision 530 dual Xeon Processor
    (2x1.8GHz) workstation. The system has 512Mb of RDram, a 250 WD harddrive,
    and an ATI All-In-Wonder 256Mb video/TV tuner card. This thing should fly

    My problem is that MCE locks up on a regular basis. The lock up is totally
    random, sometimes 10min. into live TV or maybe 30min. into a scheduled
    recording. Then I will have to reboot the system and it will work for say 8
    hours of TV watching.

    Can anyone help?

    BTW if I boot and do not load MC the system will run with out issue for
    days! Prior to life as a MCE PC this system was a FTP server running 24/7
    with out issue. The only change that was made was the ATI video card.
    CLM, Oct 23, 2006
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  2. CLM

    pswann Guest

    I am in the exact situation. I lock down so hard I have to slam the computer
    to reset it. I have all the latest drivers from everyone not just the video
    card manufacturer but intel for the chipset, every driver is current and all
    this computer does is MCE. I have a ATI 9800 pro and using a extender I can
    watch tv remotely from the server, listen to radio, play dvd works great. If
    I watch tv locally on the mce server by starting the program and 4-8 hours
    later hard lock. Nothing in the event viewer, no scan disk after the restart,
    it is like it never happened. Used these parts for years so it isnt ram,
    motherboard, I put a fan directly on the card so it isnt temp. Isnt a power
    supply problem cause I have a 400 watt. If I dont load the tuner software and
    use the video card as just a video card then it works fine I just have one
    tuner which isnt good with an extender. All I am sure of is that the problem
    is spanking me!
    pswann, Jan 13, 2007
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