MCE 2005 - xbox360 - ViiV does not go back into "standby" mode aft

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Martin E, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Martin E

    Martin E Guest

    I set up the MCE 2005 and Xbox using a ViiV capable pc. It works great, i
    can have the pc in the ViiV "standby" mode. I pull up the MCE on the
    Xbox360, but when i quit the MCE part or the Xbox altogether the machine
    stays powered on and does not go back into the ViiV "standby" mode. It stays
    powered up at the profile logon screen. Is there a setting or a script to
    get the pc to get back into the ViiV "standby" mode?
    Martin E, Jan 30, 2007
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  2. Martin E

    xiowan Guest

    Hi Martin E:
    I have an Intel DG965WH motherboard with the ViiV software. Does your
    system have Intel Quick Resume Software? You can tell if you go to the
    Control Panel>Performance & Maint.>Power Options. Look for a tab on the far
    right titled: Quick Resume. If you have that I can tell you the settings I
    have on Power Options. Under Quick Resume: checkmark "Enable Quick Resume"
    and read the instructions below. Then go to the Advanced tab and select "Do
    nothing when I press the power button" and Do nothing when I press the sleep
    button". Then go to the Power Schemes Tab. I have mine set to Desktop since
    I have a Core2 Duo cpu and it runs very cool. If you have a Pentium D that
    runs kinda hot you might want to select "Laptop" since that will enable EIST
    that allows one core to run slower until it's needed, thus the temperature
    and power use are better. (If enabled in the bios). Also in the Power Schemes
    tab, I have set the monitor to shut off at 20 mins; the hard disks never;
    system hibernate never; system standby 20 mins. These settings can be at
    your choice. As I understand it, these are windows control features and the
    Quick Resume Software should still operate correctly. You might want to
    write down the current settings in case it doesn't help and you can restore
    them if needed. Hope this helps! tucson
    xiowan, Jan 31, 2007
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  3. Martin E

    xiowan Guest

    Hi again Martin E:
    Forgot to mention, the Quick Resume feature is supposedly going to
    work better under Vista than it does with MCE2005. I've read that on some
    computers it is prone to errors occasionally. I believe saw some information
    on the Intel support site listing "known bugs" related to some of the ViiV
    and Quick Resume software operation under some circumstances. tucson
    xiowan, Jan 31, 2007
  4. Martin E

    Martin E Guest

    Thanks for your in depth and carefully though out reply. I will take a look
    at those settings when i get home tonight. I will write them down and post
    them and test yours.

    As far as Viiv bugs: i don't "feel" that its acting buggy per se. The fast
    standby part is pretty solid. Its really a big improvement from past os
    standbys or hybernates. My big thing is making it useful and feasible.

    The way i have it set up now is that i have my media pc in an unswitched
    port of the powerstrip along with the modem and router. I was testing the
    feesibility of having it always powered on but in the ViiV standby mode and
    "waking it up" when i get on the Xbox and use the media center features. It
    works great on the front end. THat is, waking it up from the ViiV sleep
    state. I was actually suprised to see how glitch free this was considering
    the amount of "moving parts" involved and the maker of the products. But,
    when i log off the media pc from the Xbox the pc remains in full power mode.
    As a result i have to get my lazy rear off the couch and press the power
    button on the pc to put it back to sleep.

    To be honest, its nice having the media center feature but i am not sure if
    it is feesable to have if i have to leave my pc fully powered when i log off.
    Knowing myself i would forget to walk to the Den and power it down, or just
    not want to.
    I know it would only add up to a small increase of my electrical bill but
    every dollar counts these days and i dont want to be spending money on
    something i wouldn't use as a front line dvr. Comcasts Motorola 6412III is a
    pretty solid piece of technology which is already being paid for and it
    records in HD with me having to spend more on another tv tuner card.

    I was thinking there must be a way to set it back into its ViiV power down
    state after loggin off with the Xbox and not having to touch the pc because
    of how ViiV is marketed with MultiMedia PC's and MCE 2005. I wouldnt imagine
    the engineers would only set it for up powering up and not powering down. It
    would be like its only have way done. Is this another one of the many half
    completed products microsoft left XP with to pursuade us to buy Vista?

    I will try those settings and see how it goes. Thanks again!
    Martin E, Jan 31, 2007
  5. Martin E

    Martin E Guest

    Xbox can use the wake on lan command for mce 2005, does it have a sleep on
    lan command?
    Martin E, Jan 31, 2007
  6. Martin E

    xiowan Guest

    Hi again Martin E:
    The system "standby in 20 mins" setting I use is what puts my computer
    into standby when I turn off the xbox/Media Center with the remote in my
    living room..........I think. You could set that to "standy in 5 minutes" if
    you like but then you might have it going into standby when you aren't
    working fast enough on the pc itself LOL! One of the "bugs" I have run into
    is that after a few days of using the Quick Resume program to "turn off" the
    xbox/MCE pc.......sometimes the pc memory fails to retain all the settings at
    "turn off" and when the pc is turned back on with the mouse or keyboard, I'll
    get a bad "resume" errors in the display on the monitor such as the
    taskbar being out of sight or one of the start up icons showing in the
    taskbar when it shouldn't. I then have to re-start the PC. I think that
    problem was mentioned somewhere on the internet and I'm just accepting it
    hoping that VISTA will support the "quick resume" feature better. I suppose
    I could have avoided problems if I had bought the computer with everything
    already installed instead of building my own, but it would have probably
    cost $3500 from a pc maker. Good luck! tucson
    xiowan, Jan 31, 2007
  7. Martin E

    Martin E Guest

    Thanks again. I will try those settings and try to break it tonite =0]

    Hey good luck on your vista install from the other thread!
    Martin E, Feb 1, 2007
  8. Martin E

    xiowan Guest

    Hi Martin E:
    I'm a gutless wonder! Right now I just installed a VISTA RC1 Build
    5600 test version I got a hold of from a friend.........but I installed it on
    an older computer to see how it would go! Didn't want to ruin the sweet
    set-up I already had with my ViiV computer until I was sure of what I was
    doing LOL! Currently the only problem is that I can only access the internet
    thru my Viiv on a LAN because I can't find an MSN software program for VISTA
    so far. Oh, and Media Center won't work with Live TV because I have no
    graphics card, just the motherboard graphics.........but Live TV worked fine
    with the MCE2005 O.S. LOL. I was amazed at the ease of
    installation..........took only 1 hr counting the online updates.
    Well......back to my computer playing! tucson

    xiowan, Feb 1, 2007
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