MCE and cable through a set top box

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by John, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Hi all:

    From what I can gather on this group it seems MCE will work through a set
    top box, however the IR receiver for teh MCR remote needs to be pluggged
    into the STB. My receiver has a USB plug, does anyone know if adapters exist
    to connect the receiver to teh STB?


    John, Jun 22, 2004
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  2. John

    JM Guest

    The IR remote system on my HP came with a little IR emitter that plugs into
    the IR interface and the emitter itself must be physically attached to the
    STB where it can shine into the STB's IR sensor. It's on a 10ft cord so it
    has to be fairly close to the STB. It's a physical connection to the STB
    rather than an electrical one. As part of the set-up you specify the make &
    model of your STB so it knows what IR codes to use to select the channel.
    It also has a learning feature in case your STB isn't specified. The
    computer acts like a remote to the STB. I assume other systems are similar.
    JM, Jun 22, 2004
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  3. I know of no way to connect MCE 2004 to your STB using the USB
    connection, sorry. The IR blaster is the only way, currently, to
    control the STB.

    Peter Near [MCE MVP], Jun 23, 2004
  4. John

    John Guest

    Hi Peter:

    What's an "IR Blaster"?

    John, Jun 23, 2004
  5. The IR blaster is a wire that connects from your media center to the
    set-top satellite box. The computer will emit IR signals, the same IR
    signals that would normally come from your satellite's remote control.

    It will look something like this:

    And yes, as you noted in your original post the IR Blaster plugs into
    the IR receiver for the MCE remote.

    Peter Near [MCE MVP], Jun 23, 2004
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