MCE Extender on different IP subnet

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by gwood010, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. gwood010

    gwood010 Guest

    I have an Xbox 360 set up on a different subnet then my XP MCE 2005. I want
    the Media Center Extender to work on my xbox. How do I tell my computer to
    look on a different subnet for the extender?
    gwood010, Feb 26, 2008
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  2. gwood010

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Barb Bowman, Feb 26, 2008
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  3. gwood010

    Gary Tsang Guest

    IIRC, the Extenders only work when it is on the same 'network' as the host
    computer (i.e. on the same subnet/network).

    But as Barb suggests, please post your network topology so we can have a
    better idea of what is going on.

    Gary Tsang

    Microsoft MVP - Windows Media Center
    Gary Tsang, Feb 26, 2008
  4. gwood010


    May 27, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Need help with this

    Hey guys,

    I know this is an old thread, but it look like you guys were willing to help by the original posted went MIA. Sad. Well I thought it would be good to share how one can get this up and running.

    I have two routers (a few reasons for this) on my network. The main router with internet coming in on it is from my ISP. This router has N capabilities which is why I use it for my primary router and have most of my devices connected to it. Behind this router is my linksys with the custom dd-wrt firmware. I have everything working on this router and the server machine that sits behind it. The only problem is I can't get it working with my samsung smart tv to share the Windows media Center stuff with my xbox (also on the same router as TV) and my allshare Play samsung software (between TV and server). Reason being, the server is on a separate network from these devices.

    How can I get these to play together? Is there something I can setup on my dd-wrt router to allow these guys to see each other? thanks!
    americanninja, May 28, 2013
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